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Photographs of a substantial set recreation of the Firehouse office circulated back in early November, leading to rampant speculation as to whether it would serve as part of next year's Ghostbusters Afterlife.

The answer has been delivered by software company Intuit, who'd commissioned Annie Potts to reprise Janine Melnitz for a series of commercials and spots for their accounting program, QuickBooks.

Visit the topic to view the additional spots featuring Annie Potts and Slimer.
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By Kingpin
VenomSymbiote wrote: December 27th, 2019, 2:40 pm She honestly looks really good considering it's been 30 years. Glad to see her back and can't wait to see Janine in the movie next year.
It rather underscores just how badly she was handled in Ghostbusters II, that even with her sunnier disposition here she's still more like Janine than she was in the second film.
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I think she looks fantastic! The set I was sure or was hoping might have been a set from the new film and they just booked her to do the commercial along with scenes at that set but it might in fact just be a set for the commercial sadly. It does look promising that they could build the set if needed for an upcoming film ;0 I hope rather.
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