I have realized I'm obsessed with these figures. I doubt I'll ever be able to get them. Who can afford much nowadays anyway? But I'm actually repeatedly checking the Wal-Mart website just for the pleasure of seeing the figures being listed as Out of Stock. It's just nice to know they are out there again.
Northern California here, bay area, went out to a couple of Walmarts to look for essential paper products (seriously, why are people still buying so much damn toilet paper?!), peeked in the toy section, and they didn't have them. There was a Youtuber who said he found them after he started asking employees if they'd be able to look in the stockroom for them. I felt a little silly in the time of this pandemic to ask busy employees to go look for toys, so I passed on doing that, but if you feel so inclined, you might get lucky and find that they have a couple of boxes in the back.
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Bison256 wrote: May 6th, 2020, 5:34 pm
VenomSymbiote wrote: May 6th, 2020, 2:56 pm Had to stop by another Walmart today and checked the toys. Guy who worked over there said they sell out asap and they only got one shipment. How are toys made from an 80s cartoon selling out so damned fast? :sigh:
Scalper scum.
Well I can safely say they all have no dick.
rgamble84 wrote: May 9th, 2020, 2:47 pm I just got mine in from eBay. $80 total. $10 shipping. Not too bad, but better than never seeing these again. Pretty radical.
See I wouldn't mind spending 80 total if I saw them. 10 shipping and 70 for the figures. That's not bad at all since it's like 2.50 more per figure if not factoring the shipping. Did you just keep a close eye on the buy it now listings for when a good one came up or did you get lucky on bidding?
slaysghosts wrote: May 11th, 2020, 3:38 pm That's a reasonable finder's fee. I made a dozen offers for $80 and none of the seller's bit. Good work. That's not supporting a scalper.
Yeah I agree. A few dollars per figure covering the cost and hassle of finding them, putting them up, shipping, that's fair. Ebay has some up for like 150+! That's 10x the cost of ONE figure! Just completely unreasonable. I keep checking ebay in hopes I stumble across an ok listing. Even made an offer for 85 on one just out of desperation which was of course auto-declined. I still have my old figures with some new proton packs I bought from a poster here years go. They're really showing their age from discoloration and the plastic being sticky though. So a brand new set would have been really nice.
Bison256 wrote: May 12th, 2020, 6:15 pm So about two weeks until the preorders are supposed to ship. Any bets on if they actually will?
Why wouldn't they?
I went to my local Walmart the other day. Everything Ghostbusters was cleared out. This is almost as bad as the toilet paper panic buying. Hopefully Hasbro play it smart and keep producing these. Not to mention the fright figures that are delayed. I don’t think Matty and Diamond did a second run on things after they sold out.
rgamble84 wrote: May 13th, 2020, 6:41 amThis is almost as bad as the toilet paper panic buying.
The two circumstances aren't remotely comparable.

I appreciate it's disappointing the Kenner classics stuff has sold out in a number of locations (thanks to a combination of scalpers and limited supplies), but we're not talking about an essential household item being unnecessarily horded by panicked shoppers.
Sales for the figures must be slowing down. I've been able to spot the figures as "Preorder now" on Wal-mart several times today. Not all of them at once but when they have popped up they've been available for a few minutes at a time.
Coover5 wrote: May 14th, 2020, 3:00 pm Sales for the figures must be slowing down. I've been able to spot the figures as "Preorder now" on Wal-mart several times today. Not all of them at once but when they have popped up they've been available for a few minutes at a time.
Thanks for the heads up. Have you seen them all go up at one point or another so you were able to grab the whole set? I've checked the site now and then and the listings go from not there, to there, but when you click them it says sold out. Was going to give up but maybe I'll keep an eye on them still.
I started off as one of those folks that wanted to get the whole set twice. One to open and one to leave it package. I've changed my mind several times about what I want but I realize it all comes down to this: I want to walk into a store and buy Kenner Ghostbusters figures. I don't care if it's 6 of them or just 1. I don't care if the card is bent. I don't care which one I get. We don't get many chances to relive childhood memories and I won't let my collector's mentality ruin this for me.
Has anyone in UK received theirs yet? Bit worried about the terrible packaging alternative we've been seeing so need to jump in and cancel if we're not getting the versions originally shown (have a zavvi pre-order in place)
Using the word terrible was a gut reaction. But there's an all regions euro version (unlike the originals which were neatly tailored for each) which looks pretty poor if you're not going to be unboxing. Masses of text, text removed (to save even more translations), basically messy. The ghosts have paperwork slipped in in any old position which doesn't look pretty.
Yes, but something seems sloppy here. I.e even needing to repeat 'i ain't afraid of no ghost' through all languages into a huge speech bubble isn't a trend on all packaging. Appreciate all legal terms etc always are, but the toy details are usually tailored. My recent micro turtles purchase has 'opens to reveal turtle play den' once for example, and Spanish purchased Raphael just has Spanish figure info only.

Anyway, will just seek out USA variants.
That is really unsightly. Why not just make the front of the card like the original and put the other languages on the back? I get wanting every language represented so all can read it but I highly doubt anyone buying these doesn't know what they're getting. Kinda clearly visible right there ya know?
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