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By pyhasanon
Wow!! I was googling extreme ghostbusters proton pack pictures and this photo of Ernie Hudson wearing a pack came up and lead me to this thread. This is really cool!!

Whoa, nice bump, Jay, thanks! Love this! (And yes, this man does not age...)
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By Fifthrider
I recall us telling Ernie what fabulous shape he was in. He said:

Ernie - "You'd think that would be good, right? No. When they say they want an older guy to play a lawyer and I show up looking like this... One producer told me 'What are you here to film, Farm Studs 9?' and so then they have to put me in a baggy suit two sizes too big, and..."

Venkman71 - You a big fatty? Congrats on losing all the weight, I'm pretty sure I found it all. Let me know when you want it back.

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