Looking for another chance to order the Real Ghostbusters DVD from Time Life and get 10% off? Now is the time! Between now and October 25th (this Saturday) you can enter the code "SLIMMER" (yes.. spelt wrong) when checking out and get the same 10% off those who ordered before September received. Order here: http://www.RGBonDVD.com/

For those who don't have the money to purchase the entire Real Ghostbusters Collection, you are in luck... Time Life will also be releasing a DVD to retail stores in January with a few special features at a lower price. More details to come in the future months but currently it looks like the DVD will include the first 30 episodes and two hours of bonus materials. The individual releases will not have everything that is included with the Complete Collection, for example the Steelbook packaging, several hours of bonus material, and more.

For those of you who can't wait until November 15th to get your copy of the DVD, here is a clip from a documentary where the writers discuss the demand and difficulty of writing several episodes to be aired each week.
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