Discuss all things Ghostbusters here, unless they would be better suited in one of the few forums below.

Stick to your computers this upcoming Thursday night around 8PM eastern standard time as Spook Central and Ghostbusters Fans have something very special planned. It will be a community first and should be a lot of fun! Just make sure you are online and in order to partake in the night's fesitivies have the latest version of flash player and an active Ghostbusters Fans account.

Hope to see you there!
I'm now anxious to see if I work this Thursday, as I've just started a new job and haven't got me schedule yet...
Should be here. I have no classes that night, and i'm too much of a lazy bum to get a job. We just have to log in to see....whatever?
I'm thinking it's probably a live webcast. And, the live webcast is going to be with somebody important inside our circle. Maybe it will be somebody involved with the movies, game, comic, or cartoon set. Will it be interactive? And, if it is interactive, will the interaction be via webcam or just IM? Maybe there'll be like door prizes or something. I could always use another GB t-shirt.
A good internet connection is definitely recommended, I imagine a lot of you will really get a kick out of it... And whilst a lot of your guesses would be great ideas for things we could do, they're sadly nowhere near close to what's being planned. :P
Will wireless be ok? I hope so. Y'all arent going to be teasing us for the next couple of days are you?
Kingpin wrote:Yes. We stole Doc Brown's time machine and went forward because we just couldn't wait anymore.

They waited so long the cast's heads are now in glass jars, and Barney the Dinosaur is the villain.
And Pee Wee Herman is Gozer this time, right?!?
AJ, thanks for helping me to hype this, and for letting me borrow your chat room for the event.

To everyone else, I can honestly say that all of you are completely off-base with your guesses, though one of you is somewhat near the ballpark.

The event will run for two hours, so plan to be online for that duration.

I'm sorry that 8 PM EST is not a good time for some of you, but it's not like there's a *magic hour* that's perfect for everyone in every timezone :-)

Right now it's a one-time-only event. I don't know if I will, or can, make video available at a later date for those who can't make the live broadcast. If it's a success, I may plan a re-broadcast on June 8th in honor of the 25th anniversary, but Jan. 29th at 8 PM EST is really the most perfect date and time for it.

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