By Catch22!
Have found a lot of great information for the slime blower I am helping Belldandy build. We are down to the last few items. The vest is one that I still don't have a good picture of. I see one example and also pictures of what others have done for the vest plates. Anyone have dimensions for the plates?

Anyone have good pictures of the vest. The shoulders appear to have a separate "wing like" padding in some of the screen shots.
By Slimer7
The chest plates are roughly 4"x6" with slots cut out to allow for the straps to feed through. I used 1/4" plywood when I made mine.
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By renny310
I have thought about maybe modifying football pads....
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By Zack
I have thought about maybe modifying football pads....

working with stage shows helped me with mine. The above pads were used for a costume in one of the shows where I worked. I took it and put foam and fabric over it...

not screen accurate by any means but I'm pleased with how they turned out...

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By belldandy4087
Catch22 and i agree those look absolutely awesome! Great Job
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By xtrmn8r17
Looks awesome!

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By mburkit
I bought a pair of the Markwort Gridiron pads.


I would have to agree with gEKK, I feel these are most likely what they used for the shoulder pads on the slimeblowers.

Here's a shot of just the padding.



Looks about right, or at least its in the right direction. I'm wondering if they used the extra padding from the shoulder flaps or something on the shoulders of the prop, because there seems to be more padding then what I have.
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By Sallah
Resurrecting this old thread as it is the only Slim Blower vest one I can find...

So is the Markwort Gridiron pad the best bet for getting a fairly accurate vest or is there a cheaper alternative now (since this thread is fairly old)? And are there chest plates available anywhere online?

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By belldandy4087
I made this vest my self the plate is made out of a cutting board. I havent seen anything available online. Sorry
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