I’m considering doing a build but after looking at many of the build threads most of them are a few years old and the sellers from back then aren’t offering parts anymore. Could we make a list of people offering parts in 2020, and include whether they are metal, resin, 3D printed, etc.?
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I've been doing the same, and slowly acquiring SOME parts, the GBFans shop has some stuff like the project boxes and lens covers and whatnots, but that still leaves an awful lot including the major components like the Tanks and gun body.
I'm currently working on mine. I've used the drawings provided by JAnderson392 new slime blower plans post and drew the plans up in autocad and plasma cutting them out of stainless steel (I want mine shiny). Ive also got a local distributor (deeco rubber and hose in lubbock tx) finding the proper fittings and hoses. I was told the proper pipe for the smaller canisters can be found at a muffler shop, so I got my pipes today at A&B muffler in Lubbock tx. So I would say search your local muffler and fitting distributors and calling around for those items. The greeblee boxes are in gbfans shop along with the green lights, activation rubber handle, and 2 versions of lights. I almost forgot I got a Styrofoam 6" ball at Michaels I plan on fiberglassing and bonds to make it smooth and durable. I picked the fiberglass and bondo at lowes, it can also be found at home depot both near the paint section. Hope this helps a little.
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