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By Dr_Rob_Cassidy
Hi guys

So last week I got the mad idea of building a working Slime Blower for this Halloween, to make a bit of a change from the Proton Pack. I'm just going to throw one together for as little money as possible (I am unemployed at present) and see what happens. The most expensive items are going to be a big bin to use for the main tank, and the means to make the blower work. I was going to use a fire extinguisher but since it would be in the big tank and I wouldn't be able to squeeze the handle, that would be a problem. I suggested leaving the extinguisher's valve open and mounting a manual release hose valve at the end of the extinguisher hose but several people have told me that won't work and could actually be dangerous! Anyway I have an idea of how I'm going to do it so I'll see how it goes...

I have already cut the auxiliary tanks from some 2ltr coke bottles, and have cut the motherboard from some wood I had left over from the proton pack. Today, I went into Poundland to get some two-part epoxy resin for something ELSE I'm building (a comic style Judge Dredd helmet) and I picked up a pair of 'Ultra Bright Hook Torches' as they seem like good alternatives for the halogen lamps that go on top of the aux tanks. They are branded 'Tool Box' which is the generic brand for all of Poundland's tools and DIY supplies.

They are about 2.5" diameter and about 1 and a quarter inch thick. They are completely round and mounted in a black plastic surround. On the back are two modes of attachment, a magnet and a flip out hook. I wouldn't have thought attaching them to the tops of the tanks would be too difficult though. There are 24 LEDs in the light and they are VERY bright, I'd suggest angling them downwards somewhat to avoid blinding anyone! They are powered by 3 AAA batteries and there is a push on/off switch on them but again I'm sure they could be wired to separate power supply if you're going to run more lights on your pack. etc.

Quick word of warning- the quality of the LEDs seems to vary from torch to torch. One of mine has a slight purple tint to the light and one of them has more of a greenish tint. They are still 'white LEDs' but there is a noticeable difference, so beware you may end up buying more than two to get two that match. But hey, they're only a quid!

Hope this helps some people out :)


After browsing eBay for a while and other online stores I decided a pressure sprayer was probably going to be the best way to go. I was shying away from the manual ones you pump up yourself as, having never used them before, I was under the impression you had to pump them again for every few sprays. So I was leaning towards a rechargable battery-powered one, but then today I saw a LIDL advert showing this week's offers, they have 'Florabest' Pressure Sprayers for £9.99; 5ltr tank operating under about 2.5bar pressure. I filled it up and had a go, It drains the entire tank from one pumping. The spray power isn't as powerful as in the movie and I'm not sure how it will cope with a thicker liquid....still trying some things out

Im happy with Murray just wearing the pack.

I wish I knew what those collars were, though!

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