By Onkelpsycho
Someone should cast them...
Working on it. mburkit just got one, he just has to get the parts to me. :cool:
Good news... This would be very helpful if everyone can purchase these parts to build a slime blower...
By Cyland Props
Don't mean to be a wet blanket but, the kits can be had for around $25.00, the parts are already cast in the correct color, dark green and dark grey for the track, paint will take away details, the parts are ready to glue down, no sanding needed and most important they look killer out of the box, no dips, pock marks, air bubbles or other issues associated with resin casts.
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By shodanmark
True, I recently bought a kit from ebay, but now there's a hold load of plastic tank kit which isn't going to get used. I think if someone were able to cast these in the correct colour resin, then maybe it will be a cheaper and less wasteful alternative.
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By jackdoud
Don't mean to be a wet blanket but, the kits can be had for around $25.00, the parts are already cast in the correct color, dark green and dark grey for the track,
I'm with you there but most people would rather spend $5-$10 for a set of cast parts instead of $25+ for a whole tank kit. Others like mburkit who need a couple copies for various projects aren't going to want to shell out $50/$75/$100+ for however many they need either. It's not that rare or expensive of a kit but casting the parts can still be useful.
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By jackdoud
So I was poking through my HD copy of GB2 last night and I happened across a revelation.

Both sides of the tank barrel were used on the "power cell" of the slime blower.

You can see them both on Ernie's blower in the opening scene here:


And a better view in the second to last shot of Ernie wearing the blower here:


Oddly enough in the middle of the museum scene there's a cut where both blowers are competely missing the tank barrels though:


So really either all or none will be movie accurate. :cool:
By gbrob
Bad ass.

Looking forward to see how you handle the vest, and seeing it lit up.

Also, too bad you can't make it actually blow slime (blush). Unless you have an idea for it.....
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By ScooterinAB
You're doing a great job. I've been watching the build for a while, and it's always a pleasure.

You mentioned that you made hand drawn blueprints. I have a copy of AutoCAD that's dying to get used. If you'd like, I would love to work with you to make some plans.
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By Skully
I'm well aware that Cyland doesnt post hear any more but there are still plenty of good resources on this thread from others as well as Cyland ...reguardless if he's gone or not ...the progress pics on the bracket placement has helped me a lot better than any bad diagram made in paintshop.
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By roopjm
This build thread is phenomenal! I've been using it to help rebuild my fiancee's, I've got a quick question:
How did you mount the quick connects in the box under the shorter tank? And how did you connect them to the hosing?

We are using the quick connects Proton Charger suggested from Harborfreigh: ... 0-541.html

and the vacuum hose extension suggested by others.

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By irricanian
Are the backside of those connectors threaded or?? Even when using the "real" couplers you need to use a "nipple" as it's referred to, basically a threaded extension. You can get the plastic ones at HomeDepot for less than a $1 each plus you will need the corresponding conduit flange nut to go with it

Here they are on my resin connectors

They also come in a grey plastic version made by Carlon by the bag of 10
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By roopjm
Some of them are threaded yes, and i probably will need the nipple and the flange mount!
I think the hose we have is probably way to big to fit onto these quick connects, I was noticing irricanian, that your hoses are 3/8" and 1/2". I'm not sure the diameter of the loom we have, but its probably wayy bigger
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By gEkX
1.5" or maybe even 2" is correct.

Then just wrap some gaffers tape around them to "tighten" them to the connectors.

The hoses are fabric with a coil.

Split Loom is used to go from the loaf pan up along the main tank to each bike light at the top of each side tank.

Power for the Bud boxes runs up the split loom as well.

There is another type of hose used on the red ball to the pump box next to it.

I believe its some type of reinforced PVC gardening hose.

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