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Ok here is the long story short. I have never built anything in my entire life. I really wanted a slimeblower to add to my uniform for DragonCon this year, but the thought of tackling the project was scary :/ I ended up buying a built slimeblower off of eBay.. Well...the guy was really nice and had done a decent job of putting it together, but everything about it was WRONG. So I began to strip the entire thing with the intention of trying to rebuild.

3 months later and the only thing that I ended up still using was the alice frame and straps, the heatsinks, and the main tank (thought I took off the flower pots and got better looking stainless stell bowls for the domes) Before this project I had never used a drill, saw, bondo, sander, etc. It is not perfect. But I am really happy with how it is turning out. And a word for future builders....dried Gorilla Glue with a light pink fingernail polish looks a lot like GB 2 slime!

So I guess technically this is not 100% my work, but I feel very confident in saying that it is 95% all me.

I couldn't get my hands on pump boxes so for an alternative I used 2 4" blue pvc boxes from Lowes. They turned out to look pretty decent I think. I still have some work to do.

Big thanks to MultiMediaMayhem for the side plates and Nickatron for the lower tray. I am still working on the gun and figuring out how to cobble it all together. Here are some pictures!


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