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By Wildcard
I've teased with a few parts on here before, and I decided to rebuild my current slime blower using my printed parts. I still have a ways to go, but wanted a place to document my progress.

Slime Blower gun:

started with the nose cone. I wanted this to be once piece, but the size of the piece relative to my printed made me split it:

Glue together

Print an Endcap

and start on the black boxes for the gun. These had to be split because of geometry, not size constraints
By Mat
How many printed parts do you figure you'll end up using? Regardless, it's looking promising so far! It's neat to see parts being made using relatively new technology; 3D printing just zings way over my head! :mrgreen:
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By Wildcard
Thank you very much!

One thing that worked really well were the hoses I found. The main hoses were sump-pump hoses (1.25" diameter), they had the right ribbing, despite not being cloth covered like the real things... I suppose you could shrink some fabric around them for the perfect look, but I think they're pretty good as they are: nice and flexible/lightweight. the hose coming out of the bottom of the gun was a 1.5" diameter shop-vac hose, with a smaller plastic tube running through it that the quick disconnect could connect to
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