By spirit82
Hi all

so ive decided to look into building a slime blower can anyone recomend any plans as there are few wich ones seem to be the most accurate?

I have a metal worker whi thinks he can help me out with this so hoping to have a full size one all made from some sort of metal.

any direction on wich plans would be greatly appreciated
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By mikeygarth
I would highly recommend, if you haven't already made this project, to use something other than metal. I have a full functioning slime blower with a Jupiter Electronics light kit and full sound. It's mostly made from PVC and a Cardboard Sono Tube and it's heavy already. Metel, I am afraid, would make it worse.
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By KoCo
I'd recommend either scaling your own photos to find measurements, or waiting for this guy to finish his plans, as none of the other ones currently on this site are accurate. ... =6&t=33678
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