By spirit82
Greetings from the uk!

Here's a rough build thread of our 2 slime blower builds currently in the build stages here in the uk.

Our aim with these builds was to make them on a low budget, make as much ourselves or track down original parts or find something near enough to the original parts.

We started this project back in September 2014 by researching as much as we could on all the different parts and working out dimensions for the tanks and tracking down original HL 300 cateye lamps. Said from the beginning we wasn't going to rush this so everything has been done to our best abilities and of a good quality. No point doing it if your not gonna give it your all.

So then, next up will be mainly pictures of all the parts we acquired and finish with where we are up to with the build itself.

Thanks for looking
By spirit82

Mock test of the tanks all scaled up from screen shots from the film
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By spirit82

2 sets of original cateye lights all sourced via ebay uk, ebay worldwide and a cycling forum from Australia.
A bit of searching and going the extra mile and we had the sets required for both the builds plus some spare lamp body's
from the rear lights with the red lenses
By spirit82

Fittings with a few tweeks to be made.

Not screen accurate but near enough and no where near as much cost as the original fittings would of cost us


Custom made headrests


Rear view of headrest

These will be available to buy soon if anyone is interested please PM me :0}
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By Kingpin
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By spirit82
Today was our first build day since summer last year.

We now have the other blower all painted up. All pump boxes have heat sinks painted and fixed aswell as the cap for the back of the gun. The tray for the bottom of the main tanks is all fixed and ready for all the bits to be fixed to the Alice frames.

Next we have the guns to assemble,electrics,sounds and finally the shoulder pads to finish off
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By Adastra
Glad you guys are picking this up again, chatted to you at Optimus in Torquay last year? about it as I'd got mine and the wife's blowers with me to Ernie to sign.
looking forward to seeing them out and about.
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By spirit82
Yeah I remember you mate

We've hit it hard the past couple of weekends almost done now.

Couple more build days and should be done I hope lol
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