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By FictionalViking

I'm a 28 year old wife/mom/nerd/cosplayer/writer/wannabe-artist (yes, we are a rare breed, but we do exist), and I have no idea what I'm doing in any of these fields.

I grew up in Idaho and now live in northern Utah. Cows are cool.

I had an account on this site like eight years ago, but it went bye-bye so I just made another one. Probably won't post much other than this (I dunno, GB has been around a while and I feel weird talking to people who've been fans since the very beginning, ha).

Currently in the (very slow) process of putting together a GB cosplay with modded Spirit Halloween props and hoping to wear it to a con in April. Dang, this stuff is expensive. Also in the early stages of creating a Vigo costume for my husband to go with it. They won't be perfect, but they're sure gonna be fun! Especially since he's like a foot taller than me. That'll definitely add to the menacing Carpathian look...unless we counter it with a kitten.

For some reason, I decided to start making a replica of the Firehouse in The Sims 4. It's becoming more of a challenge than I anticipated. Maybe I'll post pics when (or if) I finish it. ^-^

I love GB 1 and 2, the video game (I have the wii version), RGB, Extreme GB, and am especially in love with the IDW comics. I'm not entirely sold on the 2016 reboot/sequel/alternate universe/whatever the heck it was, but I didn't hate it and I do enjoy how the story line ties into the comics. I just feel like it could have been handled better. No, I do not want to debate about it with you. :)

You can find me on Instagram as awsnapcosplay, and on fanfiction.net as deepfathom. I have other sites as well, but I'm too lazy to list them. If you wanna know, just ask. ;)
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By Kingpin
and I have no idea what I'm doing in any of these fields.
Welcome aboard!
Neither do we! :)
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