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By ovwthrillseekr
Hello from Hollywood! :cool:

My name is Johnny, I'm a former WWE wrestler turned accountant, and a huge Ghostbusters fan. I've been a Ghostbusters fan since childhood and enjoy collecting memorabilia, toys, and prop replicas. I just recently purchased a proton pack from Video Bob Mosely and had a bit of a WTF moment 2 seconds ago after reading that he's the #1 person banned on this website lol. Whoops! I more than likely paid way too much for it but it works and looks great. I'll probably look into building my own trap as the prop replicas are close to a grand on ebay. I look forward to interacting with you all!
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By Morydees
Welcome to the board! As you dig into the forum you'll start to see the major issues with that pack you've got but don't feel bad, others have done the same and I almost did exactly that before finding out about GBFans. You're in the right spot now though.
By ovwthrillseekr
Sounds good! Thanks for the warm welcome!

I was actually thinking of upgrading my pack to the video game version but modified... And by modified I mean adding the venting/overheating LED's and other misc. gauges and sounds (pack venting, meson collider, etc.) . Additionally, I'd like to make a more durable wand as mine is the prop replica version hooked up to an amplifier and speaker in the pack. I also would like to build a trap but I'll probably work on that after I upgrade the pack. Wow, this is becoming a big project the more I think about it. Ok, trap first and then pack. Any opinions?
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By AJ Quick
Welcome to the site!
ovwthrillseekr wrote:I just recently purchased a proton pack from Video Bob Mosely and had a bit of a WTF moment 2 seconds ago after reading that he's the #1 person banned on this website lol. Whoops! I more than likely paid way too much for it but it works and looks great.
I was thinking of a fun way to explain why Videobob isn't the best to someone who may not be very familiar with prop making, or the actual quality of the parts that are available out there. Here is what I thought of while using wrestling terms.

Imagine Videobob as another wrestler that watched you in a match, and then decided he was going to copy your finishing move and start doing it himself. You spent years perfecting your finishing move and do it perfectly, he on the other hand does not. He does a crappy version of it, copies the name and starts telling people he came up with it, or telling people that he does it the best. It is very easy to spot his lies, and is fairly obvious that it is a really crappy version compared to yours. Now imagine he starts to have followers that believe every thing he says, people that want to ride on his coat tails to the top... they follow his every ploy and have deluded themselves into thinking that not only he is the best, but that everyone else is a jealous liar.

His finishing move might look really impressive to someone watching their first match. But that is merely because they haven't seen the true professional that created it do it.

Prop making is pretty similar. We're all sharing from the same arsenal of finishing moves, or finished props. It is somewhat normal for others to make things similar to everyone else... but when someone blatantly copies or steals a prop like Videobob did, it is very much akin to stealing a finishing move from another wrestler. Lots of people do a leg drop for example, but if you tried to steal it from Hogan, called it an "Atomic Leg Drop", and claimed you did it better than him in-between matches... some shit is going to go down backstage.

Hopefully that makes sense. I would at least hope that stealing a finishing move would be considered taboo. Videobob recasting is definitely a big no no in the prop making community.
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By ovwthrillseekr
Bro that's hilarious! Hogan would be pissed lol. Especially if the leg drop was used on RAW or Pay Per View. You'd be surprised how often that scenario happens in the wrestling world. Moreso on the Independent Wrestling scene but it does happen occasionally in WWE.

Funny Story - In wrestling, they have a monitor in the back that all of the "boys" (term used for wrestlers) sit in front of to watch all of the matches. Reason being that if the first match gets heat on the babyface's leg, it would be repetitive for the second match to do the same thing. The following match would have to work the back or an arm. Anyone too good to sit in front of the monitor and watch is frowned upon or messed with (in a not so funny way) but that's another story. With that in mind, the Squad had a match against Goldust and Viscera. We were 2nd or 3rd on the card that night and had watched all of the matches prior to going out. Long story short, one of the Squad members who was the least experienced member of the group decided to do Edge's spear on Goldust to get the heat. The spear looked great and it got a reaction from the crowd. It also got a reaction backstage as Edge was watching the monitor along with the rest of the boys. When we got back, we were taken aside by Edge who explained how if you do Hogan's leg drop or HBK's Sweet Chin Music before they actually do it, the reaction from the crowd will be less when they actually perform it IN THE MAIN EVENT. Edge was super cool and he knew it wasn't anything done deliberately but the point he made was valid. Guys make a living with their moves, characters, wrestling style, and persona. If you steal that, you start putting their careers in jeopardy along with your own.

I wish i would of known about VideoBob before I purchased the pack. I feel like an idiot. I definitely believed the hype from his ebay posting, website, and youtube videos. My mistake for not researching it completely. Sorry everyone.
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By AJ Quick
Dude. That's an awesome story.

Don't feel bad. Videobob is all talk, he works over his audience well into believing his stuff is the best. But compared to the stuff he copied its pretty bad. I'm sure lots of people here will come forward and help you get better stuff. Can't fault you for buying it.

Just a forewarning. If / when Videobob finds out a WWE wrestler bought his stuff, he's probably gonna start bragging about it and call it another celebrity endorsement. He pulls that shit with celebrities he takes pictures with at conventions. Suddenly its 'Here is me and so and so. They love my product!'
By PssdffJay
Welcome to the forum! I like the discussion going on in here, it's a shade different then out usual GB stuff but still ties it all back together. If love to hear more good stories about the wrestling ins and outs. Unless you had so sign an NDA. Don't want any trouble around here.

Don't feel bad about the Bob thing. If we did a poll, a lot of people would admit to being suckered into his snake oil products. I almost did and probably would have if I had the cash in the bank at the time. Eventually we all end up here anyway.

Will a little elbow grease, there isn't anything you can't fix or upgrade on your pack. Mburkit's video game pack build is a good read.

Is your wand the Matty one? I'm curious to hear about if or how Bob actually hooked it up to the pack. Are you willing to take some close up photos and maybe even some internal ones from inside the shell? I'm not using my Matty thrower on my pack, just curious to see if he actually did it or if it's more misdirection.

Anyway, welcome aboard!
By ovwthrillseekr
Hi Jay,

Thanks for posting. I'm sure as we continue to talk Ghostbusters more wrestling related stories will come up. If you have any questions about anything in particular, just ask and I'll do my best to answer (considering it's a public forum). Your uniform looks sick by the way. I'm in the process of putting together the Ghostbuster 2 grey uniform. I just ordered a GB2 patch and pistol belt from AJ through Amazon. The grey flight suit was a little tough to come across but I found one locally that looks pretty good. As far as the pack goes, it does incorporate the matty collector wand. I'll take pictures of the inside of the pack along with the connection to the end of the wand.
By PssdffJay
That would be great about the photos! Thank you!

Also, thank you for the compliments. It always is a cool feeling getting all geared up. I put it all on last night for 10 minutes just for the hell of it.

Check out Pepi on Bonanza for a great Gb2 name patch. I have a link in my uniform build thread towards the end if you didn't already get one.

I'm curious about your suit you found. A lot dye the navy or black tru specs to the charcoalish bluey colour or some get the custom G and B suit. Interesting to see a different option.

I won't ask stupid questions like do you know the Rock or what's (random name) like in real life. I watched more when I was younger like mid 90's very early 2000's but missed when you wrestled. I'm a big dork though, I like all the behind the scenes stuff that people don't normally hear about.

So, do you know the Rock? Kidding!! Kidding!!

Get ready for the addiction! Once you start, you keep wanting to upgrade, or build different props or suits. It never ends. We have a GB Anonymous support group every Tuesday night. New guy brings the twinkies.
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By PssdffJay
Interesting suit! That's pretty close. Are all the zippers brass too? When you sew the patch, check the reference photos and get it a bit closer to the main zipper.

The pack internals I don't know much about. There are many more here who can let you know. I'm curious though. Does the pack have it's own sound or is everything coming from the thrower only?

I know what I would do to it if it were mine. Take this only as that. I, would definite drill out that "built by" placard. Although, it's probably hot glued on too. When I watched his "how to build" video, I know he has no idea how to line up the motherboard to frame properly and his reasoning is so that it can stand on its own. But then he was confused about why the frame holes had to go through the L brackets. So I would definitely move those holes up. It looks like the speaker may be in the way of a new top hole. Definitely need spacers, half moon, and either the tube or the newly discovered blocks for the bottom of the frame. I think he doesn't use a half moon at all. Some reflectors on the red lenses too, but I'm not sure how well they will line up with how he has the LEDs mounted.

It's not a bad place to start. Remember that parts can be replaced and upgraded. I'm curious to hear other members thoughts on the internals.
By ovwthrillseekr
So Bob's matty wand crapped out on me. Something must have gone haywire with the circuitry because the end piece extends and retracts continuously without stopping. The rumble motor also continuously runs unless I pull the batteries out. So what was my simple solution? I bought a new matty wand, soldered the wire running into the amplifier and pack speaker to the wand speaker and voila! Good as new... Or, so I thought. The new matty wand started extending and retracting similar to the first one but stops after 2 or 3 times. I'm not sure what the deal is but I'm definitely looking into Throwing Chicken's gun kit. I'll have to wait until the sound and light kits are available but in the meantime, this is definitely going to be my first "build." Any recommendations regarding the kit and/or options for building them?
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By JoeLuna33
Hey Johnny. That's what we all pretty much expected to happen to those packs. I've opened up a Matty wand and it hasn't worked the same since so I can imagine what tampering with the electronics can do. A gun kit from TC would definitely take your pack up a notch. It would be much higher quality than anything that was on the pack to begin with. If you need any help please let me know and myself or anyone on my team would be happy to help out.
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By Hoot
Hey brother. Its not a surprise with Bob. In reality it probably wss a matter of time. His electronics are hack jobs .

That said, TC's kit is top notch and is soon to be on the shopping list.
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By pyhasanon
Welcome to GB Fans! This is quite an interesting thread to read, with the stories of dealing with Video Bob and his WWE background! Good stuff! I, myself, almost went the way of Video Bob... While I still did not go the conventional route, I definitely do look up to the talents and skills (and camaraderie) of the guys here on GBFans, and will one day build my own aluminum hero pack (or at least commission one of the veterans here to help me out)... Looking forward to seeing you take this Video Bob recast and make something great out of it, which I'm sure many of the guys here can definitely help you with! =D
By ovwthrillseekr
Thanks man! Yea I wish I had done more research before purchasing but I'm definitely stoked to be a part of the GBFans community. Plenty of resources, talent, and good people. I already ordered a gun kit from Throwing Chicken. As soon as it comes in, I'll start a build thread. I'm blown away by some of the packs people have built. That "Phoenix Pack" is unbelievable. If I had the skill set, I'd attempt one of those. But in the meantime, I'll work with Bob's pack. That in itself might be an even bigger feat lol.
By Hammer
It's funny that you've already been dazzled by the Phoenix.... I was, and am still amazed too. Hang in there with the Bob shell. I've seen some good things happen from them. Plus you're many steps ahead of me. My hard headedness is keeping me from buying a shell. I did however cave and buy some resin parts. I just got tired of sawing....lol
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By pyhasanon
If you go back to the Phoenix build thread, you can see what it used to be, and it was a far shadow of what it is now, you would have never thought that it started from there, but that's the whole reason why they called it the Phoenix... it's great inspiration... I'll need to save up some money before I attempt a hero pack of the caliber as seen on these threads, but I'm happy with my not so accurate pack right now, it will at least tide me over for the next year or two...
By Gizmo555
Hi all! I'm new to this too! Thought I'd done enough research and stumbled across VB's pack on ebay. It looked really good and his hype was convincing so I purchased the Proton Pack. Now months later I discover he's a banded seller. I'm really bummed! Anyway I love being a part of this and reading all the posts from the amazing and talented people on here. I guess I'll try to purchase upgrade parts and rebuild the pack. Everyday I read something new and I'm inspired and having fun!
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