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By RiverofMassHysteria
Tried to come up with a unique screen name...may have overthought things. haha

I registered last year to ask a question about the IDW hardcovers, and forgot that I had yet to introduce myself. I'm Jack, but I've been called Jackson since I was probably 11 years old.

I've loved Ghostbusters ever since I can remember. Wasn't old enough to see the original when it came out, but saw GB2 in theaters. I think my introduction to the franchise was likely RGB. I don't recall the exact year that I became a fan, but one of my first memories is having my RGB toys stolen from school when I was in Kindergarten. Also, my mother renting the original a dozen times from a grocery store back when VHS tapes were everywhere. So, it's been most of my life.

I've known about this place for years, but mostly been a lurker. With the new movie coming, I thought I would dust off this account and chime in. I'm also interested in discussing the comics. It took me some time to track them all down. I just finished up Burnham and Shoening's 2011-2012 run. I'll likely frequent the IDW topics when I finally catch up to where the current story is.

See you around.

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