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By Belli
Always been a fan of the movie gadgets. A few months ago ended up with a Spirit pack that I planned on hanging on the wall in my office. My hunt for the correct lights led me here, and then to Spongeface. I think I got every kit he offered for the Spirit pack and an Alice frame. Bought another Spirit to hang on the wall...

I didn't plan on this being my Halloween costume, but now I've got the complete uniform, and so does my GF.

Today I ordered a BOK kit...

Nice to meet you.
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By Kingpin
Welcome aboard, Belli! The Spirit Pack should make for a nice wall decoration, and you're in for a treat with the Ben of Kent kit. :)
By Belli
Thanks for the welcome. In the brief time I've been gathering up parts, everyone has seemed extremely nice and helpful. Ordered the bulk of the aluminum pack parts today and BOK was kind enough to take out the resin parts I wouldn't be using and adjust accordingly.

AJ and Spongeface are great and have answered a ton of questions I've asked too. Don't want to forget them!
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