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By ECTO-84
Wassup EVERYONE! My name is ECTO-84 and I'm here to CHANGE THE GAME! I'm from South Bend, Indiana and a DIE-HARD GHOSTBUSTERS FAN! I've been making beats since I was 15 and I am now 31, but I've been a Ghostbusters fans since Day 1! But I've recently started a brand entitled
I just started the brand last year and I've been putting music out on the underground Hip-Hop scene and have been making good connections and networking INTERNATIONALLY. I've been working wuth the up and coming artists of the underground Hip-Hop market today and have gotten good coverage in a short amount of time. I've been featured in many different blog, interviews and podcasts (Insomniac Magazine, Deeply Rooted Hip-Hop, RespectDue Podcast, From The Desk Of Lo, Weekly Rap Gods, ect. But I have a bigger purpose than just making Hip-Hop beats. So I have BIG PLANS for the brand itself but it's all being built off of the music. So with what I have in store, I just wanna share my ART with my fellow Ghostbusters Enthusiasts. I know most of my listeners probably don't know (or have EVER SEEN) what Ghostbusters is even about. But for someone like myself who KNOWS THE MOVIE, everything I'm doing will MAKE SENSE. I started with a four-part beat tape series to showcase my sound, but I used the Movie plot as the landscape for setting up my whole debut. I know it MORE THAN LIKELY went over most people's head as to what I was doing, but the tapes are based off the stages of possessions and progression of the first film. I will explain...

"DVNV" was the 1st beat tape (Dana Barrett),
"ZUUL" was the 2nd beat tape (Dana POSSESSED),
"TerrorDxgz" was the 3rd beat tape (Keymaster meeting Gatekeeper),
"GOZER" was the final beat tape (Final Level)!

But throughout the entire series, I use beats to match the vibe of the moment in the movie. So all of these tapes lead up to "THEDESTRUCTOR:EP"!
This was digitally released 3-19-19 and it features artists such as;
Lord Juco (Toronto)
Haze (Boston)
Chuck N Lock (Delaware)
Killa Kali (California)
Chuck Chan (New York)
Bub Rock (Long Island)
K. Burns (Brooklyn)
Magno Garcia (Boston) &
Mak P (Baltimore).
All of these guys are the rising stars of the NEW WAVE in the Hip-Hop scene that is on the rise. I've just released the first physical cassettes for the album but they are LIMITED EDITION OF 25 tapes total! Come with cool collectible items made by my children and I. So I just want to see what you guys think of how I captured the movie into the music. AND NO, I didnt use the Ghostbusters theme music (yet). It's just all inspired by my LOVE for the franchise. I hope to be able to contribute to the growth of our community in any way possible. I just know, YOU'VE NEVER SEEN OR HEARD ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! I can go on for days about how deep this whole "GHXSTRVPPERS" thing is, but it would be a BOOK. So with all this said, if you're STILL READING THIS, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME OUT TO CHECK OUT THE MUSIC! It's REALLY DIFFERENT but I'm sure some of you guys will REALLY ENJOY IT! So this isn't a SALES PITCH (by FAR), but more of a introducing you all to SOMETHING THAT'S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! Ghostbusters Meets Hip-Hop IS HAPPENING NOW! I hope to get you guys SUPPORT and I want you all to enjoy this journey with me. I have a REALLY GOOD feeling about this and so far, I have some good things in store but I dont wanna JINX IT! But I appreciate your time and I hope you ENJOY THE MUSIC! I think I CAN BE A LEGEND off of this if I stay consistent and motivated. You can follow me on the following social media outlets:

THEDESTRUCTOR:EP is available now exclusively on Bandcamp:
https://ghxstrvppers.bandcamp.com/album ... cal-copies

Thanks for yall time and hope to hear from you guys soon! Never hesitate to reach out, I can ALWAYS RESPOND to a fellow GB FAN! Peace!!!!
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