Write a quick introduction to introduce yourself.
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By DhampirVampire
I have been lurking on the site and forum for some time, I admit. I am hoping to be more active in the community soon so I suppose it is only appropriate, and past time, for an introduction. I am usually quite terrible at these. You'd think after being on many different forums for over 16yrs you'd get better, but nope. :lol:

My name is Brianne, but I much prefer to go by Bree if not at a formal/business occasion or event. While I likely think to little of myself, there is not much that I would say is overtly interesting about me. I am an amateur cosplayer in my spare time and have many years of formal training in the performing arts. A passion I hope to begin pursuing again now that the main reason I have put my life on hold since middle school has passed.
I grew up with many films I probably should not have been watching at a very young age, but I do remember having a VHS of Ghostbusters II that I was quite fond of. I always had an affinity for Egon.

I live near Los Angeles and work at Universal Studios so I was very fortunate last Halloween Horror Nights (2019) that they allowed me to take a picture with the fire house facade outside the GB maze entrance. If anyone happened to go to HHN last year and saw a woman in a blue shirt wandering around with a full Ghostbusters belt and a PKE meter... It was me. :lol: I will have that picture up on my cosplay IG profile soon enough to link/share. It is on my personal page already though.

Anyway, thank you all very much for all the great work you've shared here on the forums! I hope to be able to add to it sometime soon myself. I look forward to seeing you all around.
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By DhampirVampire
Thank you both for the welcome.
I hope Afterlife might bring in a few new people or old ones that have yet to join. Haha.

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