Write a quick introduction to introduce yourself.
By egonwankenobi
Hello All,

My name is Frank. I am in my 40’s and I live in the outer suburbs of Philadelphia with my wife and son.

I am an avid sci fi/fantasy/horror enthusiast with a great love of Ghostbusters starting with my first viewing in 1984.

I am long time member on the RPF and have always enjoyed building and modifying prop replicas.
I have always loved the GB gear and modifying these low cost costume items has become a gateway drug to more and more research and projects.

Thank you for having me.

I look forward to learning from, as well as contributing to this community.
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By kahuna900
Welcome aboard, you found the right place. Might as well just leave your wallet at the door as this place will fill your head with all sorts of possibilities. None of which are free. :)
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