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By sebwillett

The UK lockdown over the past year has saved me a fair few hours a week on commuting to the day job, so I decided to make productive use of my newfound spare time...

These are all hand drawn (on a large format Wacom Cintiq into Clipstudio Paint), and then manually coloured in Photoshop. I've got a few clips of my drawing process on my Instagram, albeit showing some of my other work:

I've drawn every version of Ecto-1 (from Cadillac to 1A), the firehouse, proton pack and wand, trap, slimeblower, the RGB pack, Ecto-Goggles, film and RGB PKE meters, and the containment unit. The Gigameter and various other secondary props are on the drawing board at the moment, but I'm happy to hear recommendations or take commissions for anything special!

Most drawings have a Mk I (first film) and Mk II (second film) version that picks up the minor prop differences and weathering, and have background colours based on the film and cartoon flight suits. I'm also thinking about drawing versions from the video games, and obviously research has started on adding the Afterlife versions too!

There's a closer look at all of the drawings and their variations on my Etsy page, where you can also buy prints and postcards. UK shipping is free and international shipping is fixed at £5 (about $7). As these drawings wouldn't have been possible without the hard work that everyone on this forum has put into gathering information, as a gesture of thanks I've set up a discount code - "GBFANS" at checkout will get you 15% off your orders, forever! ... d=33899726

(And apologies if I've put this in the wrong place, I've been a long time lurker but not posted much before!)
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By sebwillett
Thanks Mike, just seen the order come in and will get it sent across to my printshop for processing!
By sebwillett
They look great framed up, I'm so pleased you like them!

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