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Here's how this started.. we wanted a wreath for our car for a christmas parade.

We went wreath shopping, and found a cool red/green one that was only $6.. and we had a brainstorm! Make a Ghost and slash to add to the wreath!

We ran with that idea, and picked up stuff to make it. While we were tinkering with it, we tried multicolor multifuntion lights, but they were too gaudy, so we replaced them with steady on red lights.

I was going to make the ghost from insulation foam, using my orbital sander to form the edges, but then we ran into a design issue: the body goes "in" but the arms and head are 3 inches further foreward, and foam doesn't bend!

I toyed with a multi layer foam ghost, but that just didn't seem right.

In the mean time, I measured the wreath, and printed out a proper sized ghost, using photoshop.. 22" from finger tip to finger tip.

We laid that down on the wrath, to get an idea of what he'd look like:


After trying to come up with different ways to do the ghost, we finally settled on making him a plush, with wires inside to pose the head and hands properly on the wreath. Teamhair cut out the felt for the front and back, but while I was picking up fabric paint, was a slacker, and didn't sew him together on the sewing machine. (We were just going to use leftover fake smoking trap polyfill to fill him at that point.

I came back home, and bitched at her, stressing about getting it done in time for the parade... turns out though, it was a karma thing. Yeah, I'm a pain in the @$$ sometimes.. LOL!

The next day, I had another brainstorm! Put led lights inside the ghost, so he'd also light up! I picked up sheet polyfill batting, and cut that slightly smaller then the felt shape. (3 layers)

I used the fabric paint painter to add the face and some of the insert details. while that was drying, I duck taped down the led lights to the batting, working around the ghost. We replaced a few of the white lights with blue lights to add some interest to Mr. Ghost.

Teamhair then spent 3 hours sewing the damned thing together. Hes not finished yet, needing his black edge line art, the slash needs to be properly attached, and the ghost still needs attaching, but here's some of his wip images so far:


A test to see how the lights would shne through the felt and batting


A test to see how the ghost would look with the wreath lit, and lit himself.


Our current progress, with the ghost sewing done.
Thanks! We're REALLY pleased with how this is coming out!

Yeah.. after working on the wreath, why one was never created commercially is beyond me. Probably cost.. material wise, we probably have $30-$0 there.

Teamhair says she can sew it together faster now (Last night was by hand, and took 3 hours) The problem is its a sandwich of felt, duck taped led christmas lights (60), 3 layers of batting, and then the top felt part..... if there was community interest we could probably make a few, now that we know what we are doing, but if they take 5 hours to make each one, they'd probably cost $70-$90 each. If we could decrease production time, that could drop. They also need to be scotchguarded to make them more waterproof.. a can of scotchguard now costs almost $7 alone!

This will be displayed on the front of the grill for the parade (not that she HAS much grill.. (Its probably gonne look huge there!) and then after the parade, we'll use it on our main door at home for our house wreath.

I added a few blue leds to the inside of the ghost for some shading interest.. not sure I like all of them.. one is pretty strong because of the way its positioned.... the rest are more subtle, which is what I wanted. The lights are actually behind the front felt and 3 layers of batting.. you need that to diffuse the bright leds some.

Once we finish it off, I'll post more pics.
Way Awesome!

I made the mistake of looking at this with Haley sitting next to me on the couch. Now she says I need to make one. Whatever kid! LOL
Thanks, guys!

I thought of making the ghost out of plastic, but the probem with that is bonding the edges, since he has a 60 light string of lights inside him. If the plastic is rigid, like plexiglass, you'd need a heat gun to put bend in it.. doable, but a pain to work with.

With a more bendy plastic, you end up with arms that stick out straight foreward, so you then need to wire them, so you can pose them properly.. and some way to attach that wire and the light string.

The polyfill also diffuses the light, so you don;t get the real harsh tiny led spots.. more lights would have filled the darker spots, but he's already way over filled as it is.

Amada Anne, the wreath was pretty cheap.. if you have some extra lights, you won't need to buy those, and I was thinking, you could probably hot glue the flet edges together for a much quicker edge seal. Its not like those leds will burn out anytime soon, and you wouldn't need to get at them at all.

I was thinking of using uv protective acrylic sealer instead of scothguard.. that would probably help keep water out of the ghost more then just scotchguard would.

No work on him today.. we picked up our tree yesterday, and put it up today.. we trekked to a treefarm on top of a mountain, and had a 7-8 foot tree cut for us.. and got it for only $40, no tax!

Gotta love living in the christmas tree supply location for the entire country!
Ok, wreath completed, dispite having a pinched nerve in my lower back. Its also waterproofed, using the silicon stuff used for tents, and the lights inside are indoor/outdoor, so even if it gets soaked, it should survive well.

Here it is under a few different lighting conditions.. and the parade is 6 pm tomorrow!



Thanks! We're quite pleased with it.
you know how people make packs with black vacuuforms? I wonder if you could make this with white styrene vacuuformed? Assuming white is available and translucent enough to allow light thru? Then you could mass produce them off a no ghost buck...maybe make em bigger, and stick them on a front door at your home? also, wonder if a santa hat on the ghost would be neat?
Yeah I was thinking a vacuform ghost would be cool.. I know you can vacuform with insualtion foam, and one of the guys around here did a vac form pack shell and gun shell.. I'll talk to him, and see if he is interested in the project.
Gareee, are you guys looking to create any, for anyone willing to buy one? That is just, so fricken awesome. I like, really want one, but could never know how to make it, even if someone instructed me heh. Just asking, don't consider it if you're not into making/selling to others heh. That is one amazing piece of work.
We are talking it, but I don't see how we could make a few, and get them delivered for the holiday season.

If we can speed the creation process, I'll post availability.
I'll see what I can cook up.. be nice to make something available to help pay for our other props and parts we buy for the hobby ourselves.. LOL!
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