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By Fritz
Fritz I've read your story on their wedding. Excellent job and maybe you should write a story on the birth of Eric Stantz.
Thanks for reading, Farah. Yeah, I really should tell that story... :wink:

Note to Everyone Else:
Farah is the writer of a number of stories where Ray married Elaine Fuhrman, and had two kids. It was from her stories that I took the name of my Elaine's adopted kids, CJ and Jules. With her permission, of course. :)
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By Fritz
Ghostbusters: Love Songs--Blessed
July 26, 1996--Timeline Year Fourteen
First Ray and Liz were rivals. Then they were allies. Then they were friends. Then they were lovers. A year ago they became spouses. Now a new challenge awaits them, as Ray and Liz become parents.
This is the final chapter of "Love Songs". I hope it's a satisfying end; in addition to the events that are obvious from the description, there's also the clearing up of a small mystery concerning Liz that's been lingering every since her "present day" debut in "Chronicles of Gozer".
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By Fritz
There's currently some weirdness going on with the Ectozone.com domain; I keep getting assured it will be fixed soon, but if you have a problem reaching the page you can always change the .com to .net--ectozone.net is the same site.

I have a new story for you, but it's something different. I'm releasing it under the "Tales From The Ectozone" label, because though it takes place in the Ectozone version of the Ghostbusters Universe, there is not a single Ghostbusters canon character in it. There are some familiar characters, who have been seen in stories such as The Zodiac Imperative,Enlightenment, and Coda and Terchi's Extreme Adventure, but it's not a Ghostbusters story. It's a little bit Dungeons and Dragons-ish if anything (Or maybe that should be Ghosts and Gargoyles...)

I was somewhat inspired in this experiment by Rosey "EGBFan" Collins and her brother Jake, who've been doing an EGB spin-off fan fic series The Riveras, which while it does usually feature at least one canon character in each episode, also spends a lot of time developing their own cast of original supporting characters.

Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part One
alt: Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part One
1992--Timeline Year Ten
On a hellish desert world inhabited by murderous insect-men, the Archmage Fallagar seeks answers to a mystery that has haunted him for many years. Finding those answers will involve a young halfling making his first journey from home, under the care of his uncle and a hulking hobgoblin--if they can survive their encounter with the savage kreen and their vicious "Goblinchild" that is...

I hope you'll give it a look, especially if you liked "Enlightenment" and "Coda and Terchi's Extreme Adventure"

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