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By Fritz
In 1984, a movie changed the world...

"THE indispensable defense science of the next decade: professional paranormal investigation and elimination. The franchise rights alone will make us rich..."

A primal Sumerian horror shook the world to its foundations.

"Now there's something you don't see every day..."

"Sorry Venkman. I'm terrorized beyond the capacity for rational thought."

And a legend was born.

"We're the best...we're the beautiful..we're the only...Ghostbusters!!!


Twenty one years after the legend began...

A legacy in jeapardy.

All of a sudden, a voice rang out in his head, “So, you are the chosen one for me? I would not waste my time on one such as you, but it is ordained to be.”<br>
It then dawned on Jeremy that his entire life had come to this: him becoming what he was protecting others from, the catalyst for the end of the world.

“Bring it on, Bitch."

An ancient tome resurfaced.

"Hmmm." He mused, poking the shaft of light into the gloom. It strayed across something large and dusty. Iain placed the small penlight on the rubber-covered floor and put a hand into the hole in the floor. He wrestled for several minutes to snag the object, and then he finally got it. He pulled it out into the gloom and studied it. It was a book...a large one at that. Hardback...and it had obviously seen better days. There was a strange language written on the cover, a language Iain didn't know. He stood up, grabbing his penlight as he went. For now he'd keep the thing locked up in his lab until he could run some tests on it in the morning...it could prove interesting.

A friend lost

“There’s more,” Jeff went on, a grave tone in his voice. “He summoned a horde of demonic creatures to his service and was heard making mention of ‘the coming of the traveller,’ and referring to himself as...” He froze.

“As what?” Kyle asked desperately.

Jeff looked up at Kyle right in the eyes to emphasize the seriousness of what he was about to say. “...as ‘The Keymaster.’

Terror Reborn

Louis Tully's face went deathly pale.

"It's happening again, isn't it?" he asked, fighting off the urge to pee himself.

And even the greatest Ghostbusters International has to offer...

It emerged. As a great shadow seperating from the very stars itself, its black form melted from around the scarlet moon. Great wings fromed from the great shadow, slowly taking shape.

"So...." Vincent murmured, gripping the staff with both hands, and locking one foot behind him, "...it begins."

May not be enough

"So...what does the title say?" Iain asked.

"Ina Ezeru Ina Alal." Egon cleared his throat. "It means...the Chronicles of the Great Destructor, The Formless Traveller..." Egon looked at them, his eyes their most intense. "The Destructor. The Traveller. Vuulgus Zildrohar. Or, as he's know to this day and age...Gozer."

(cue theme music)

Chronicles of Gozer Book One: Revelation
By Various Authors; Edited by Vincent Belmont

2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two

As the Ghostbusters West Coast searches for missing teammate Jeremy Hicks, GBUK's Iain Bennett finds a mysterious book called "The Chronicles of Gozer". And the two events are definitely connected...

Chronicles of Gozer Book Two: Realization

The story continues as a new player enters the stage...a young martial artist named Sarah Jones, who's being menaced by a vision calling itself "Zuul..."

Chronicles of Gozer Book Three: Culmination

The GBWC journeys to England, just as Egon Spengler and Vincent Belmont are making some disturbing discoveries...

Chronicles of Gozer Book Four: Contemplation

After an encounter with Jeremy Hicks that goes badly for them, the Ghostbusters come up with a risky new plan, one that hinges on Vincent Belmont's knowledge of Arcane Alley. Meanwhile, a visitor with murderous intent barges into Ghostbusters Central...

Chronicles of Gozer Book Five: Escalation

The headquarters of Ghostbusters New York is under attack, and a very specific target is in mind. Ray, Winston, the Extreme Ghostbusters, Nightsquad, and the Arcane Division must work together to stop the worshippers of Gozer...if they can.

Side stories:

Chronicles of Gozer: The Tale of Atlantis
by Fritz Baugh

Chronicles of Gozer: The Tale of the War of the Gods
by Ben King

In early 2004, GBWC member Jeremy Hicks came up with the first seed of this idea, with the revelation that "Hicks" was derived from the "Hyksos", the peoples that once conquered Egypt and were mentioned in the first movie.

2004 was also, of course, the year of the release of that first movie.

The failure of the GBNOMAD-led crossover "DOOMsDAY" was also fresh on our minds. We wanted to do it right, and start early enought to get a big chunk done and create a huge splash. Fulfill the promise of that story, and celebrate the anniversary, and only the GBOT continuity's return of Gozer seemed big enough to make that work.

It started with the GBWC. It spread to the GBUK, and even Brian Reilly's ECTO Canada. We got a really big shot in the arm when Vincent Belmont was brought into the project--he'd had some of his own Gozer ideas floating around, and they dovetailed nicely into what we were hatching.

I suppose in hindsight it should have been an omen when, on the day we were intending to release the first chapter--June 8, 2004--GBHQ went down and we had to delay the release.

Anyway, three years after the release of Book Five, Book Six is done.

It's Coming!
July 7, 2008.
By Dr. Vincent Belmont
I still refuse to wait for the 7th.

We all worked hard on CoG. I want feedback NOW! For goodness sake, I'll even take some teaser text!
By jason k
ok it's 7th were is COG 6 . I don't see it . Hummmmm .

you mean I staid up for nothing .


ok before it comes out , I'm going to guess that Vincent gets the Merlin staff .

How ever the thing that pops in to my mined is . The cane that Vincent walks around with now , is that really the concealed staff of Merlin ?

to me I cant think of a better way to protect the thing then to keep it with you all the time .
By Dr. Vincent Belmont
jason k wrote:The cane that Vincent walks around with now , is that really the concealed staff of Merlin ?
LOL. Relax, Jason. Give Fritz some time to wake up!

I suppose this won't give anything away...

I currently don't require a cane to be mobile anymore. That was for a short time after the battle with Shudde M'ell.

As for the staff...Vincent has returned it to its hiding place, as its current task is done.
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By Fritz
Ghostbusters: Chronicles of Gozer Book Six: Exaltation
By Various Authors; Edited by Vincent Belmont

June 8, 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The epic conclusion. Ghostbusters International, the Order of Hermes, and the Garou nation stand united against the impending return of Gozer. An alliance the likes of which the world has not seen in untold ages. Secrets are revealed, enemies become allies, and desperate plans are made as science, magic, primal might, and faith march against the ancient horror of the Shapeless Destructor. But is it enough?
By CJay
Well worth the wait Fritzy old man.

I think I'll go back and re-read the other ones sometime today too.
By jason k
shooed have dune it last week like I did .

but dame to bad I'm going to have to get to this after work .
By Farah
This was great! I enjoyed it very much. Hey Firtz, do you think you can post this fic at my message board?
By CJay
Farah wrote:This was great! I enjoyed it very much. Hey Firtz, do you think you can post this fic at my message board?
You have a message board?

Link that bad boy up!
By jason k
here is one big question Fritz , how do you feel now that it's dun and out ?

this go's for the rest of you as well
By jason k
I finely had the time to finish this story . this was nice and well worth it . :cool::cool::cool:
By Dr. Vincent Belmont
Any lingering questions, favorite scenes, etc?
By TheRazorsEdge
I rather enjoyed the magical journey for Merlin's staff, with its various detours.

This is why I wish you'd finish more of your stories, Belmont. There's always these references to the interesting, magical places you've been and people you know and we the reader never actually get to see it for ourselves.

I do wish there'd been a bit more of a fight in the last chapter there before Jeremy was de-possessed. I believe the original plan called for some proton sword-based violence there, and I was probably supposed to be the one writing it, but at the end, I figured it was better to just get the story out already than indulge my desire to give my character more to do. I was also gonna make the scene with the freezing come off somewhat more deliberate, but again, decided to abstain in the favor of timeliness.

Maybe for the Director's Cut one day...
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By Fritz
Necroposting like hell, but I had to update: due to some problems with the former hosting site, the story Chronicles of Gozer is now hosted at the Ectozone. I've revamped it to have the Ectozone "trade dress", but other than that it should be exactly as it was before. Links to freewebs.com/chroniclesofgozer2 no longer work, but any that say gozer2.ectozone.net will, or soon will, redirect to the new pages.

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