You read that title right- The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire are currently producing a short film featuring themselves alongside GB SLC's Jonathan Paul "Sketch" Rudy. Yup, one of the Salt Lake City fellas will be joining us for this little adventure- it's a cross-over film.

We finished our first night of shooting last night with another evening of shooting ahead for us in the near future. The final project is looking to be in the neighborhood of a tightly-cut 10 minutes. While we wont be posting a trailer or any previews of the sort, we'll be trying to keep this thread and our website regularly updated with screen caps and production photos as we put this puppy together.

The currently untitled movie, codenamed PROJECT ABRACADABRA, will be used as a starting point for an upcoming, nation-wide project that will be revealed alongside the movie's release. Special thanks go out to Sketch and the other SLC guys for lending a hand in making this little project happen. Look for this to hit the internet sometime near the end of July.
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Aaaaand here's our first batch of screen caps. We'll try not to overload the boards with them, and hopefully we'll have our website updated this week for hosting all the content that will be coming along with this.

Also: we need to title this thing.



Just a quick update on our progress:

Jon, Pat and I will be having our second day of shooting this Saturday. After that we'll only have one brief scene left to shoot and we'll be on to full-blown post production.

I've made a rough cut of what we have so far and its been about we had expected for a running length. The entire project should clock in at just over ten minutes with two action scenes bookending the story. Here's hoping all the effects tests pay off for the ending!

We got some great advice from PeteVenkman_Jedi on how to bring some ghosts to "life" (har har) for the movie, and I think his guide in the tutorials section will go a long way in helping us. I highly recommend everyone take a peak at his thread.

This Sunday we'll try and have some new screen caps from the project up. There's currently only so many pictures of guys in flightsuits sitting in an office that are worth posting, so we'll go easy on posting until we have something new to show. I also have my good friend Joe Botsch working on some artwork to compliment Jon's new feature poster which we'll hopefully have up by the middle of July.

Seems like an awful lot of work for ten self-indulgent minutes of fandom, doesn't it?

( :',
We finished our second day of shooting! We've wrapped about 75% of the movie, finishing up the final act of Spilled Milk last evening. Pat, Jon and I did our duties on screen while we received help behind the camera from our buddy Keith, fellow GBNH member Jim Boucher, and Sean "GhostGuy" Swift himself.

Overall I think we're very happy with the way our second stint of shooting went. We managed to get a great final scene shot alongside some important punch-ins we needed for earlier on in the movie, so take a look-see at our newest batch of screen caps if you'd like.
We're still on track for a late July/early August finish. We have some more surprises coming in the mean time, and I'm not just talking about screen caps. Until then: :cool:
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