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By Foom Man
The jokes are pretty damn funny, and I adore the sheer amount of props and fan service.

Top notch work. Another excellent addition to fan filmdom. I've got to ask- the RGB theme you used about 35 minutes in- where did you get it? I have a version of that song from the RGB score, but yours seemed much cleaner.
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By back
I liked it, nice mix of the cartoons & movies all in one decent flick. :)
But can we expect to see a "Behind the Scenes" video any time soon?

PS. Love the swearing dialogue! :mrgreen:
By 1965Ambulance
I liked it, nice mix of the cartoons & movies all in one decent flick. :)
But can we expect to see a "Behind the Scenes" video any time soon?
Over the next week or so the website's going to change drastically. It's kind of basic right now due to the fact that we're still working on the movie a little.

Soon we hope to have several behind the scenes videos, gag reels, deleted segments, different sizes of the actual movie and a few other little things. I'll keep you guys updated on changes.

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By Croesus
Very impressive movie, really nice job fellas. Had a great atmosphere to the whole thing, really captured the Ghostbusters spirit!
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By Ray Stanz GB
this fan film rocked!!!! the boogieman costume was perfect, effects were great, loved the dialogue. although why was the black guy the only one swearing? what is he angry all the time? stick up his ass? what? lol

love the movie, lets see a sequel.
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By Ghostbuster J
I was impressed, very good job gentlemen! Brought back great memories of RGB. Looking forward to seeing what you guys cook up in the future! :cool:
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By Boomerjinks
I really hope the delicious irony of "I want a new drug" being played in a Ghostbusters film wasn't lost on too many people.

That shit is brilliant.
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By Croesus
Just wanted to add that the Ecto scene was AWESOME!

Loved the boogieman song and the replica of the iconic scene of the ecto roaring up and screaming out of the HQ lol... was brilliant, dunno how many times i've watched this movie already.
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By ghoulishfright
Finally got around to watching it, and -- Wow! I have to say I'm super impressed.

The writing was really excellent; I love the loose, fun atmosphere of the whole thing. Obviously you incorporated many different GB texts, but I especially love the RGB elements. This was kinda like watching a live-action RGB, if RGB had more adult humour. Great stuff.

Here are some of my favorite things and observations:
- The hairy guy in the jacket making a cameo
- The ghost @ 6:00 reminded me of a rabid ewok
- Janine's yellow car (I'm assuming that was on purpose)
- I like how the "Egon" character was (more overtly) a douchebag
- It made me LOL really hard when they were stealing RJ's chinese food
- I'm glad that some of the "B" wardrobes made an appearance (brown jacket, flannel)
- This was probably my favorite joke:
Novan: ...I was afraid of this.
Derek: Don't say that, you'll give him a hard-on or something.
- there were other great gems too - that's all I can think of right now....
This Post Contains Spoilers
Beautiful job, guys. :boogieman:
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By TankHammer
I dug it. The comedy was definitely above average and I liked the scene where the crew is going through a routine ghost-capture while discussing the Boogeyman. It was a nice touch. I'd like to see more fan films where the heroes are shown doing their routine job before taking on a big boss monster.
By 1965Ambulance
I've been getting a lot of complaints about the size of the movie on the site for some reason lately - mainly by people that don't want to download it, which is understandable.

I've put up a smaller version that's streamable now on the site. So for those of you that didn't want to download the movie, it should work now. It does on my laptop, anyway. Check it out. Hopefully one day in the next week or so I can get some special features posted, too.
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By MotherPussBucket
Thanks for the small version.

Good job, the comedy actually made me laugh. I think a lot of people forget that the movies are COMEDIES first not super natural thrillers. I'd encourage you to write your own stuff, get away from the original four. Make your own thing.
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