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By Seven
Ever since the West End Games pdfs were posted here on GBfans, I've been wanting to play the game with a few friends. Well, I finally convinced them to give it a try and the result is "Ghostbusters: Resurrection." Since I'm new to DM'ing (and to RPGs in general), I thought I'd make it more entertaining by recording our games and adding sound effects and music. I’ve also tried to remove as many “uh”s, “umm”s, and long silences as possible to help focus more on the narrative that seems to be unfolding.

I promised my players that if the end result sounded good enough, we would share it with the GB community. In a way, we hope to "give something back" for all the resources and inspiration that all the other fans have made available online. Without them, our game wouldn't have been possible. So, thank you.


Our aim was to make this something that even non-players would find entertaining, so… we hope you all enjoy. We are certainly having fun playing it.

Check it out here:
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By Seven
Yeah. We have five episodes up now, and I estimate we're about halfway through our first campaign. It'll be impossible to record, edit, and upload them like clockwork on a weekly basis, but I can leave a comment in this thread each time we update. We're about to record a new game tonight, so I suspect it'll be online within 5-7 days. Glad to hear people are enjoying it!
By philmorgan81
Wow!!!! Just listened to 8 and 9 and things are really heating up. Please Please keep these coming. I'm very excited to hear what Role Ray and Egon will play in the event to come. The Background story you guys have come up with is really giving me the chills. Great Work Guys!! :) :) :)
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By Vee
I absolutely love this podcast. My roommate laughs her ass of at me while I listen to it while I do chores due to my constant cheering, laughing, and gasping. I'm a huge fan of radio dramas and tabletop games (and of course Ghostbusters :V) so this hits the spot. You guys are hilarious and really great at building stories. It's fantastic.
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By Seven
I'll spread the word.
Awesome! Thanks! :cool:
I absolutely love this podcast.
Aw, shucks. Glad to hear you're enjoying it so much. We don't get that much feedback, so it's always nice to hear that we're getting some laughs.

Also... Episode 11 is now online!

Episode 12 will be the "finale" but we'll also have an epilogue episode to follow soon after. Stay tuned.
By philmorgan81
I love this podcast. I just started listening to them from the beginning. You guys have made a real incredible journey. I know you guys are about to finish a season, but I hope your audience expands to encourage another season. This is turning out to be a very fun campaign thanks for letting us take the journey with you.

:) :) :)
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By Seven
This is turning out to be a very fun campaign thanks for letting us take the journey with you.
I'm glad and even surprised that some of you are enjoying it so much. There's really nothing I can say to that except:

Thanks for giving us a chance and for even listening to it in the first place. It's been a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. I just hope there will be enough interest from other people for us to make a second season. It's been a blast.

So without further delay, here is our season finale:

Episode 12: Horizon of Oblivion

We've got a special epilogue episode on the way, but this is the end of the main storyline.
By philmorgan81
WOW! Truly Awesome guys. I hope you get the amount of listeners desired to encourage a season 2. Looking forward to the epilogue, and thanks again for a wonderful journey.

Your Hard Work shows in all the Eps you have put together.

You Guys Rock!!!!!!

:) :) :)
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By Seven
And without further delay...

The Epilogue

Thanks again to everyone who's been listening. We're not sure when we'll start a second season, but we'll definitely keep everyone here updated.

In the meantime, what elements do you think worked well? What didn't? What still needs improvement? What are some things you'd like to hear in Season 2? We're always looking for feedback.

Thanks again.
By philmorgan81
Hey guys, just leaving some personal feedback. I think all elements worked. The Sound effects were great the music helped to create a feeling of listening to a radio show. I really loved it when you put in some real original creature sounds as well as sounds from the game. I'm not sure if anything can be done to improve the show because it's already, like I've said before awesome! :) If you guys proceed with a second season I would welcome anything. Mostly I am looking forward to the interplay with your characters, you guys have very wonderful chemestry. You have created a very solid team that I'm extremely happy to root for.

Like I said I would welcome anything in a second season, and would be real excited to hear what you guys come up with next.

Thank You Again for the fun journey and hope to join you for another.

:) :) :)
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By Seven
Just a quick update to tell you that barring any unforeseeable disaster, we'll be starting Season 2 very soon!

Also, stay tuned for a big announcement about Season 1 in about a week or so. :cool:

In the meantime, if anyone wants to give us more feedback, please do! Knowing that people actually listen to this gives us the drive to keep going. (Big thanks to everyone who has already commented or PM'd us!)

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