By Prince Vigo
I loved the look of this. Can I ask what camera you shot with?
We used a combination of mostly the Sony F3 and a Canon 5DMkII. Other than myself, the crew consisted entirely of UA students that I teach, so I'm pretty proud of the job they did with the look and editing! :)
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By Sutton621
Very nice. I'm a film student and just picked up a Canon 60d this weekend, so I'm excited to see how my videos will turn out. I'm definitely jealous of your students for helping you out. I would have gladly volunteered if I were there. Can't wait for the next episode!
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By bpontheair
Thank you guys so much for the love! All of the comments and feedback we've received have been tremendous and are extremely appreciated. We hope to bring you the second episode as soon as possible. We're in planning and pre-production.
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By BustinScottie1977
That is some REALLY good work guys! The Attention to detail, like when the inspectors and the detectives were talking and we couldnt hear what they said, just like in tv shows. Cant wait for part 2!
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By SlimeGuy
This is looking great guys! I'm particularly impressed with the vehicle scene and what it must have taken to film it.

Your production quality is impressive and the script feels very well thought out. I'm also enjoying the story and character development.

Raise the bar, boys! Raise it high!
By Prince Vigo
When's the next episode coming out!?
It's in pre-production right now. Adam can provide a better timeline, but we're shooting it in a handful of weeks, I believe.
We are indeed in pre-production on episode 2 and shooting will begin soon on that episode and a few small parts of episode 3! We're having our first big crew meeting next week to go over and get some harder dates on the shooting schedule. The toughest thing is getting everyone's schedules to line up, which is the main contributor to the lengthy times between releases...stupid day jobs... :roll:
By 9sam1
This is excellent, especially visually. I like the concept of the GBs devolving into a sort of ghost pest control organization, going around spraying houses and such, I thought that was rather clever and original. I'm glad you guys didn't lose sight of the fact that Ghostbusters is comedy first and foremost and not just about all the cool special effects and busting scenes (though I do look forward to seeing alot of that aswell in future episodes)

Having a cameo by Ernie Hudson as the voicemail message alone makes this legendary.

Good work, Look forward to seeing where this all goes!
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By Ray Stanz GB
Thank you all very much! We just finished filming the second episode. Hopefully we'll debut it soon.

hell yeah!! cant wait to see the next episode. I've watched the first episode like 5
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By D. Lazarus
Congratulations guys! You're making a really great fan-made (yet near-professional) series! The thing I like most it's you've start the movie with a real story behind it and not only an excuse to use some visual FX. You're taking your time explaining all things, developing characters and plot... I really like this! Keep the good work and best wishes for all the future episodes! ;)
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