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By ImLost3
Everyone else is doing one so why not?

Do you have 7 minutes to kill? If the answer is yes (even if its no, its less then 7 minutes anyway) then don’t wait another minute! You probably won’t regret it. Or you will, but we don’t need to know about it.

In Episode 1 the Ghostbusters NJ crew finds themselves in a supernatural situation.


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By EctoPrimer
Wait...Nazis uniform? I hope you know what you're doing
Nice uniforms and Ecto, I was pleasantly surprised to see that. I'm still taken aback by the ending
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By ImLost3
Wait...Nazis uniform? I hope you know what you're doing
To steal a little something from Marvel #itsallconnected.

Actually, there is a very detailed plan. We're manipulating the mythology of the alleged Nazi occult programs...similar to Hellboy or Red Skull. Occult super science stuff.
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By ImLost3
It's been a long winter, but the Ghostbusters New Jersey crew got together over the weekend to begin filming GBNJ: The Series Episode 2! I know, y'all could barely stand the wait. We still have at least one more day of filming then the long editing process, so for now enjoy this behind the scenes picture of the cast:


From left to right: Rich "Spengs" Roy, Greg "ElChorko" McHugh, Bill "ImLost3" Malkin, Charles Korang, and Martin Ingenbrandt
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By M.Thunder
Nazis. I hate these guys.

I've always felt the GBs should screen their applicants better, they are just asking for trouble as it is, but even for them, accidently hiring a Nazi is a big oops.

I'm not sure if there's any link between Nazi Germany and New Jersey. I know it's not important for there to be one, but still, cutting from the perspective of our heroes to the perspective of our villain this early in the game is not something I personally would have endorsed. We're still getting to know our leads. Once we have them established, THEN we will be ready for the big Nazi conspiracy. As it stands I'd like to get to know the characters better, no matter what happens.
This Post Contains Spoilers
A very cool effort with some genuine intrigue. I look forward to episode 2!
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By Spengs
Thanks for your support guys. Its been fun shooting a GB NJ (see what I did their?) fan film. Or "episode." I hadn't been in one (on camera) since 2006! :shock: :-P
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By Cyberkorr
Well color me interested. Cool video. Loved the ending. Definately had a "Dafuq" moment when he pulled the Nazi uniform. If you're headed in the direction I think you may, this is going to be a fun ride!

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