The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire are back and they are hiring! Their past 5 years of disgrace from the destruction of a local gas station will not be ending any time soon, but at least they still have the chance to overcharge you for their inept services. When the team is at their lowest, they recruit some new friends to make a quick buck and hopefully snag a year’s worth of free movie tickets in the process. Coming in 2015. . . Spilled Milk 2: Electric Boogaloo Featuring the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire!


Better late than never?
Myself and Matt Burkit have finished penning the first draft to the Spilled Milk sequel, which was started back in 2010.
The script is huge, I don't know what we were thinking, and there's no going back now.
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As we finish up the revisions on the script, we are also working on pre-production for the film! Besides location scouting, we are also starting prop and costume production. . .

Here's a teaser of some of that pre-production. . . time for our cast to all match!
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