A mom out in eastern Oregon asked if our group could attend her son's birthday party last weekend, but none of us could handle the 8+ hour round trip drive. In lieu of that I volunteered to create a video incorporating video and photos of the boy and his house and some members of our group shot in different locations. I had to cut it together to make it plausibly look like it was all happening in one location. I had about two days to put it together. As I couldn't be on site to direct the others the acting is, um, uneven, but suitable for the young audience. I shot my parts in front of a 4x8' piece of foam core I had from an earlier project so I could key myself in front of their house. I repurposed 3D models I have of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer. It took around 23 hours to edit the video, create the specials effects, spot in the sound effects and music and mix it all together. I posted it to YouTube an hour before the party; it sounds like it was well-received.


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    Neat! Thanks for the info!