By Centuri
Hi all, question re: ALICE frames:

for those who have them - whats the best place to find them? I've found some local suppliers - (army surplus stores: Platatac, Mitchells) but these are often frames only for $80-100 AUD. It seems the cheaper option is to import them from the US.

any advice?
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By RickH
I picked mine up from our local "Aussie Disposals"
But I think I lucked out...$70 for the whole thing..frame, straps, bag, etc
Ditto. I wish I could remember what I did with the backpack, though, the damn thing went MIA after I took the ALICE frame off it.

They're harder to find at Disposals now, because you've probably noticed that Disposal stores these days don't stock much ex-military stuff. They only seem to stock civilian camping gear, or cheap military knock-offs.

To answer the burning question, yeah it probably will be marginally cheaper to buy one from the US. Even with the declining Aussie Dollar.
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By Gareee
#237471 just had alice frames with full straps n pads for $35 shipped. Not sure if they ship over there, but ya might save a few bucks there.

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