By andy86
Hi all!

Been away for a while, but now ready to get started. I was planning on starting with the proton pack and going from there but like many noobs im a bit overwhelmed with what I need for it. So my question is, are there any complete kits that have all the parts for it that I should consider? Or is it something that needs to be sourced piece by piece.

Thanks for the help !
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By RickH
Can vouch for MMM, he sells just about everything you need except Pack shells (correct me if I'm wrong though). However there are a couple of dudes advertising shells in the For Sale section.

The two best sellers I've dealt with are defiinitely MMM and Nick-a-tron. I'd recommend them in the first instance if you're after parts for your rig.
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By ganthorion
Yeah MMM's Proton Gun kits are absolutely marvelous.

I don't know who to recommend for a shell, because I've only bought one shell from gbfans and I've had some.. issues with receiving it ( ... 53#p250653). Although some of the pack shells in the For Sale section look fantastic, I find it's the expense that restricts me from getting one even before postage (the other killer)

Good luck in trying to build your pack, it's worth it when you finally get one (no matter how you do it) :D

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