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By btnkdrms

Before this one .. I worked out two joke No-Ghosts called "Ghost Bitters" and "Ectomite". Which went over great for the group and fun and laughter was had and we all skipped along hand in hand, cheek to cheek and ass to mouth towards a REAL Ghostbusters Australia No-Ghost based on the cryptid called a Drop Bear.

The quickest way to describe a Drop Bear is "Carnivorous Koala". Which technically this isn't and I have the notes to show why posted to the Pacific Northwest Ghostbusters page for your reading and viewing pleasure.


Big shout out to Matthew Black for bringing this project and letting me have at it and kicking around ideas. And to the Ghostbusters Australia members who contributed feedback and input.

Note: Its still a Work In Progress but its far enough along I'm cool with sharing it with you guys!
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By skeg_man
Very cool. I do like the ghost bitters alot tho.. :-)

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