By Ecto_Scottie
Hey all,

Just joined the site. I'm a massive Ghostbusters fan!!! Glad to see Aussies on here. I have just ordered a Proton Gun Kit from MMM. I'll start on this 1st, then the light kit for both the gun and pack, then the sound kit. Once I have all this ready to go I'll have the proton pack in my budget. Thinking of going for the shell and parts from Bobs Prop Shop. Looking at one he has on ebay. its half built for around $700 AUD.

I already have the suit, boots, belt and just about finished on the elbow pads. I bought a whit pair, just need to die them grey and they should be all good to go. I'm waiting on gloves and the leg hose with coupler from MMM.

Any advice/ ideas?


By Davros
Hey Scottie,

you should get yourself to Armageddon this weekend, a whole heap of Aussie GB's are going to be there,
I am not gonna make it unfortunately, but it should be a blast!
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By skeg_man
Hey Scottie,

Welcome aboard!! Just a heads up about Bobs Prop Shop; ... =31&t=6431
Note first on the list.

On a side note, getting a shell local is a possible thing. Alot of the guys over on the facebook group including me have got a shell of "Cen". ... rk_t=group

Anyways, look forward to seeing your work!! :)

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By Replica
G'day mate!
I'm from Melbourne too! Welcome aboard and be sure to join the Facebook page if you like!

PS- avoid Bob!

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