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By Nassik
This year's Supanova conventions are definitely something to pay attention to!

This weekend Sydney has its Supanova. The reason to get excited? They've got suits and props from the new movie on display! I've seen a handful of photos so far and they're exciting.

Unfortunately, those displays won't be coming across for Perth's Supanova next weekend. Which sucks for those of us living in Western Australia. On the bright side, though, the WA Ghostbusters will be there with the ECTO-1C on display!

Supanova has graciously granted the WA Ghostbusters display space at this year's convention. I imagine that it's precisely because we won't be getting the displays that Sydney has. And so we'll be there in full force over the weekend, showing off our gear and the ECTO. We will also have a couple of new Ghostbuster uniforms displayed in the vehicle, possibly a new PKE meter, and perhaps even a partly assembled reboot pack.
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By Kingpin
Did anyone get any good photos of the gear on display? I've seen a few things, a couple of shots of the Pack, and of Kevin's jumpsuit, but that's about it.
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