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By dfarrell1015
i just got the radiacmeter and ordered the batteries...i dont know much of is safe to use foil to make the batteries fit?
coasterg wrote: January 8th, 2011, 12:17 pm
skalor wrote:The replacement batteries listed in the army radio link aren't 100% correct. I think they are for the older model which has a much larger battery compartment. The A640PX they recommend to replace the BA-1312/U is fine as I used a V640ALK. They recommend a A32PX to replace the BA-1318/U. I found that a TR164A is interchangeable with A32PX so that is what I bought. The problem is that It's far too big to fit a Jordan electronics style meter. I found that a 2CR-1/3N is a good replacement for the BA-1318/U. After looking around an A28PX looks like will also work.

Cliffs - get a A640PX and a 2CR-1/3N or possibly an A28PX.
Just got mine and figured out the same thing.

The Duracell PX28L is supposedly another alternative for the 2CR-1/3N, its a camera battery so going to head over and see if I can find one locally.

Edit: Got the battery and it works!


Used aluminum foil to fill in the extra space for both batteries. That plus the shape of the battery cover holds them in well.

Since its not calibrated everywhere in my house is Amber, guess I'm getting huge radiation here.

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