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By DJ Chewie
Super excited about doing this.

So I have been following threads here and researching and I think I found a way to get exactly what I want, and not loose my mind hunting things that may be impossible to obtain in a time that works for me.

I started with the headphones. While the head band is wrong, it works better for me in the idea of storage and travel.

I picked up a set of NOVA 51's for the headset. They are very close in appearance to the Infinity set that was used. They have the added benifit of folding in half on the head band which should help store when Traveling.

I next picked up two 5 dollar stethoscopes off ebay. Reviews were not good, but I dont care if they work or not. I just needed them for donor parts and that was just fine. I picked up two because Im pretty sure they used two or a similar tubing to add after the connector.

Searching here, I found the 3D files provided for the ear cap conversion and the cone. I went to shapeways to print those parts. Should have them any day now.

For the connector, I decided not to use the 3d file. Im pretty certain the connector was a phono plug piece from some old microphone or headphone set. I have a ton of these parts that I kept when scrapping old microphones for some star wars projects. So using my dremmel I cobbled together a few of these to match the picece pretty closely without being 100 percent sure.

Then the connector line. The 3d file has a fitting there to connect a tube, but Im pretty sure its a calculator wire based on what I can see and the other half of the prop, that most people ignore.

The pocket computer 4 -

So I have been looking for some time for the Radio Shack PC-4 and cassette adapter. But could not find one.

I stumbled into that the Radio Shack was a knock off of a casio pb-100 and an FA-100. The only differences physically are the stickers on the device. Also I assume price lol. I have a friend who took a picture of the original radio shack parts decals and is trying to reproduce them to fit on my casio parts. Hoping this works out. I dont see to much of a problem.

If this works out, Ill make their info available to everyone so they can purchase a set of stickers so you can upgrade a casio into a radio shack.

I hope to have all the pieces for this in before Christmas. Ill make sure to take lots of pics of all the work, and will share all that I do to get it right looking.

For such and obscure piece its kinda an expensive endeavor to do.

Prices are based on auction finds or retail.

Head phones - ebay - 35
Stethascopes - 5x2
3D Parts - 200
PB-100 - 60
FA-100 - 100
Stickers - 20

So minus miscellaneous things like screws, tools and such 425 dollars to produce a prop that was probably garbage thrown together. Gotta love replicating 35 year old junk.

Pics and such to come soon.
By dav59300
Also you speak about casio PB 100 and fa100. Thought it was more pb100 and fa3 or am i missing something ;) ? Do you know the diameter for ears protection as my headphone still hasn't arrived and the protection is grey. I m looking to change to black. thank you
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