This is for other Ghostbusters Props that don't fit into the categories above.
Wow, how sad. If you were in Michigan I'd be there 24/7 helping you finish it up. Right now I'm finishing up my ghost trap (complete with sounds, lights and smoke) and the associated pedal. All that's left is a bit of rub and buff to give it a well used look.

So, then I need to finish writing code for the proton pack and I'll be on to the containment wall. Not sure how far you were able to get with your dimensioned pdf but anything you'd be willing to share with suggested dimensions and parts would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, if you're interested, I can send you updates and pics of what I've already done and my continuing progress.

I had a talk with the others and they say that they're still very much interested in getting this project done. It's hopeful but I will let that happen when it does. Not going to push anyone about it and I know where that's going to lead, but let's hope that I am wrong about it. With that said, I have gone and pulled the trigger on getting the ECU/Ghost Trap labels made. Unfortunately, the place where we were able to get our low run aluminum/vinyl labels didn't survive the pandemic. I had to resort to the place I order all of my bands stickers from.


This is the ECU and Ghost Trap label in it's full glory. Go ahead, i'm not even going to watermark it. Just send me a physical copy if you ever get one professionally printed up. Those are my terms. Anyways, the original label was cut in different places and accommodated whichever prop it went on. It was a lot more expensive to have this printed to size and I really didn't want this place screwing up the dimensions, so I opted to put a red border around it that i'll just cut off myself.


These will take about a month before they'll get to me. I will renew my supporting membership and sell these on here if they turn out the way I am hoping they will. Fingers crossed. Still trying to find another magical place that is able to do low run labels like the last place.

That's really all I have for now. I mean its better news than what I posted before. Maybe this revised sticker will be a motivation factor in getting feet moving again? I don't know but let's hope it will.
tobycj wrote: July 21st, 2021, 11:19 am Any idea on price point for the labels yet? I'd love to get one when they're available, I've never seen the lower half done before, and really want that for my GB1 trap pedal!
They'll absolutely be a few bucks a sticker. If these turn out good and the size is accurate, I am thinking about getting some of the other containment unit labels printed up this way.
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By 910dohead
I did get the stickers today and I am very happy with the way they turned out. I will be selling these in the forum for $3 a sticker.


I'll have the red border cut completely off making the label the correct size. Luckily these are exactly the same size as my prototype. 100% weatherproof vinyl. This company I had manufacture these I have been going through since the late 90's. I had a band sticker they made on the back of my truck window and it last 15 years. These will last a very long time.
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