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By jackdoud
Just finished up a build of Egon's brain scanning helmet he used on Vinz Clortho. The colander's actually one size to big and I couldn't find the correct ceramic standoffs or chin strap but I figure no one will really care. :vinzclortho:


I'll get a build log up on my website in a few days. Spent somewhere around $40 for all the parts, the majority of the cost being hardware. Most of the wires I got from a computer power supply with the longer ones coming from parts for a GB1 ribbon cable.
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By Smits
jettajeffro wrote:Looks great.

I haven't finished one yet but I know I was getting some interesting looks trying on colanders in the store.
You are my hero for doing this. The nice folks at Target were giving me some very odd looks when I was popping colanders on my head the other night.

It looks FABULOUS. Excellent work! That's on my list of Things To Eventually Make.
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By jackdoud
ScooterinAB wrote:Sorry to bump an old thread, but where did you get the colander from? Is it a particular kind of colander, or just any old metal one?
Thrift store for $2. It's the wrong size (too big) but I've since found 2 more though one has the star pattern reversed so it's not technically correct. Basically you have to hope someone in your area has one to get rid of and that you find out about it, all the current collanders for sale aren't right if you want accuracy.
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By TheRockman
There's nothing quite like visiting your local kitchen appliance store to try on their sellection collanders.

Here's one I found on ebay a while back for about $4 shipped:

FIts about right I think:

Note: It's difficult not to look insane while wearing one of these things, but I kinda look insane anyhow so...yeah.
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By Alex Newborn
A while back I was prowling around my parents' spacious attic, trying to find something else, but stumbled across a dusty collander and snuck it home. I checked some reference pics and saw that the star pattern doesn't match the one worn by Moranis... but then while looking for jackdoud's photobucket account of framegrabs, I revisited this thread... and discovered my collander is an exact match for the one Jack used above.

This is now my 'plan B' backup if I don't find a more movie-correct one.

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By EctoFuzzy
there should be a smaller hardware store around me i can use. lowe's and home depot aren't very helpful here. i appreciate the response.

i've heard of others using bic pen tubes for this, so i think that's my back up plan.
By c05ta
about a month ago, i was working with my dad delivering a new stove to one of my uncles rental houses.
when we went in to the kitchen to remove the old one i noticed what is probably the closest to perfect colander ive ever seen.
i thought about just sticking it in side the broken oven, but instead did the right thing and talked to the woman who owned it, told her what a big nerd i am and what i wanted it for, then i went to the store and bought her 2 brand new ones to replace it, and we were both happy.

but now im wondering if you have an approximate parts list or if anyone has been able to take any decent screen caps or pics of the real deal since this thread was started?

i would start my own thread but i know that jack and burkit are basically the masters of research so if i happen to find anything chances are they already have it.
By Alex Newborn
I began one of these but haven't done much to it since procuring the resistors.

Here's my thread, for what it's worth... ... =7&t=34544

I began with a 9" colander. Taking off the legs was easy but I really botched it when I removed the side handles.

Plus, the handle-holes weren't in the correct spot compared to the pattern on the movie prop.


Eventually I swapped out the colander, seen at left below, for a handle-less strainer (at right) of the exact same size and star pattern.


(I figure I can always drill fake handle-holes in the correct spots if I want that detail.)

I took a closeup of my TV screen on a freeze-frame of the BluRay...


... and sourced my resistors from here at GBFans Shop as well as MultiMediaMayhem.


I used a no-logo Dale RH50, the kind AJ is currently offering in the Shop. They're held in place by some one-inch 4-40 screws and hex nuts (and some temporary mounting tape until I drill more holes.)


The black resistors on the back side are Sage M25W's. I ordered three just in case but ultimately only used two. These are also in stock here at GBFans at the moment, while MMM currently has the larger Sage M50W on sale.

Both sites seem to be out of stock on the gold CAL-R 25's, a popular item due to its prominence on the side of the Ghost Trap, but I see several selers on eBay that currently have them, so those shouldn't be impossible to source.

That's as far as I got, aside from ordering a modern chin strap off eBay which I don't think looks exactly right.

Hope that helps on your parts list!

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By c05ta
Very good Alex, short but pointless.
Just joking I like your build as it's sure to be a virtual step by step which is probably what I'm going to end up needing.
I was just kind of hopping for some crazy rare photos of the real helmet in a 360° view and a top down. But in high res so all of the parts can be 100% identified and placements can be exact with little to no effort on my part. Its been a while since I've had to do real research when making props. I guess I'm just being lazy. :P
By Alex Newborn
On about the fifth post of this thread, from May 2010, jackdoud provided a link to his extremely helpful build thread, which was my inspiration for attempting this prop.

That link is now being redirected to THIS url instead:

From there, you can further link to his photobucket collection of screencaps of the movie, which will save you from reinventing the wheel: ... t=4&page=1

Sad to say, I've never seen any better reference pics than the actual film itself.

I have an album on Facebook which contains everything from my thread plus a few additional images.

It represents the best reference pics I could find, including this one publicity still:


Also, it has some enlargements of framecaps, probably zoomed in on the same pics jackdoud provided:



And a pic I borrowed from the RPF of someone's awesome (albeit faded) vintage chin strap:


As for the placement of the resistors, I don't seem to have ever uploaded them, but I took some neat photos after I realized that the size of the TV in my bedroom makes Rick Moranis' head almost 1:1 in certain shots.

Holding the colander/strainer in one hand and taking a photo with the other hand, I was able to get some right-in-the-source-material pics that aided in very precise positioning of the resistors.

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