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By Speng's 30
Hey everyone! I'm trying to find info. about Egon's Stethoscope from the first film. I've been searching all weekend and come up dry, my gut is telling me its a prop production put together. I'm making a life size bust of Egon and a screen accurate stethoscope is important to the project( ... id=2065849 )
If any one has info. about this it would be very appreciated. Thanks!

By Cyland Props
Egon's Electronic Stethoscope Headset, My post from Proptopia:

"Finally the "donor" headset is found:

A straight on shot not really revealing anything


Hmm.... interesting side shot notice the headband "sleave" .


Homerun...... look at the shape of the arm, the little post that sticks down into the speaker housing, and the round speaker housing. No doubt that these are the headphones.

Oh wait I forgot to say what they were! They are a set made by Infinity and sold along with the "Intimate Stereo" portable cassette player. Originally they came with the foam earpads that were not rounded but these are over 25 years old and are gone!"

BTW They are hard to find in any color.
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By Boomerjinks

Edit: I'm with Cyland on this one. The silver part is clearly an adapter for the stethoscope pieces. Whether those pieces are part of the headphones or just added by the propmasters is the big question. Any idea if those were made for the film of if an electronic-stethoscope-with-headphones was an actual thing?
By Cyland Props
Pretty sure they made them for the movie. I can't seen to think why an electrical speaker would use a tube.

Here's an interesting shot:


The writing looks to match up, with a piece of black tape in the middle, Harrold must have snapped the headband. As you can see the ones in the picture are off white so they made them in a number of colors other than black.
By madeinsocal6
I completely missed this thread. I have these headphones in that off-white color, I want to modify them by painting them and adding the additional details but I don't know what to use or don't know if I want to do that to these headphones.

Here they are:

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By Alex Newborn
For anyone having difficulty finding the Infinity headphones, I highly recommend searching for either Nova50's (non-folding) or the "Realistic Fold-Ups" versions, the Nova51's or Nova52's.

Big thanks to Glenn Frederick and Lars Karlsen for their help in pointing me to these.

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By Alex Newborn
For anyone who's already gotten the Nova headphones but hasn't yet begun converting them, RyanTheMast has done some amazing work making 3-D printable versions!

Here's my reaction to how closely the parts resemble the movie prop:

Here's a link to the parts on Thingiverse:

And my newest vid is about which modern option of stethoscope (technically a fetoscope) I chose, and why.

If you want the same fetoscope for your project, here's the link I used. ... -fetoscope

Happy prop replication!

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