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By ramcuda
Hi All

New recruit here .. I know great !!!!

I need a bit of help with the sticker on the side of the hard hat .. I can not find a img of it any place. much less a high rez img of it ... I have the hard hat and the light coming to me.. but i have no source for the sticker...
So Where or who on the board wip me up one ... or point me to a clean img ???

Why did I pic the hard hat as my first GB prop... I just like to do the none main stream things ... e/1/64.jpg
Sorry for hijacking the pic ....

Ok now some background on me ...
Love to build things ,,,I build and restore cars... I love my day job !!!!!...
and build props...

thanks for the help !!!!!
By Alex Newborn
The sticker was not a part of the costume for the film, it was added to the helmet after the fact. Not sure why, possibly someone having fun with some leftover promotional stickers from the advertising blitz.

Watch at the very end of this clip, when Winston, Egon and Ray all turn 180 degrees. No stickers.

Now, Bill Murray has some stickers on the helmet he wears in the street scene, and so does Egon, but neither of those have a light on the front of them.


One of Murray's stickers is this 'No Bozos' logo:



The other is a "100%" logo, but I haven't found a perfect match yet. I found one where the red and blue areas are reversed.

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By ramcuda
thanks Alex ...

wow well make my life ezer ....

never though about looking in the train scenes
the hard hat turns up here as well in this clip ... n_/2481192

Look at DA has it on there but a few scenes later when he being lowered down to the slim river hes has different one on ..
Love continuity...I'm sure its a dead battery thing....

well on with the build ...
Thanks for the good eyes on that ....
By ramcuda
ok a fast update ... the Post man have been go to me the last two days...

Ok here is the link to the pics of the base parts / hard hat and headlamp


Tomorrow I will get over to the shop and hit the hardhat with the safety yellow ..Then Thursday after the turkey coma I will go throw the hard hat around the wood pile ( yes wood piles do a great job of distressing painted surfaces in a very random way ) and mount the headlamp then power it up..

Then I'm off looking for the old new York central city of Albany.......
By ramcuda
ok quick update here .. got it painted...

What do you all think ????? its a bad pic i know
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By Alex Newborn
Looks good so far. I had never thought about Ray's hardhat being a white one that was painted yellow, but as soon as I consulted the pic of the one on display, it makes sense of how it looks in the film. Nice match.

Can't wait to see how it looks finished.

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By ramcuda
Thanks Alex

Great to know someone is interested in this little build of mine...LOL

I took a better look at the river of slime clip ... and he is wearing this hard hat as he is being lowered down ..But when he get to the bottom he is wearing the other one ...

And by the look in all the scenes DA is wearing the same hard hat ... So I wondering is and one has look up into the in side of the hard hat on display to see if it marked with DA name in it ???????

This is not one of those notable props and that's why I'm building it ..
By ramcuda
Ok the weathering ( if you want to call it that ) is done ... so now it gets a clear coat and mount the head light and done ...

Here is a link to a video of the " weathering process" ... 5.mp4.html

and a pic of it

Try is get it all finished up this week ...
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By ramcuda
Tanks !!!!!

Well i was unhappy with the amt of paint loss on the bill of the hard hat .. so a bit of a repaint and we should be good ...
mocked up the headlamp tonight and go it ready to mount ... so sill hoping to have done by the weeks end ..
By ramcuda
Well went to clear coat it yesterday ... and the clear made the paint bubble and peal off... So tomorrow we strip it all back down and go for round two ...
By Alex Newborn
ramcuda wrote:Here is a link to a video of the " weathering process" ... 5.mp4.html
To paraphrase Jake Blues: "That don't look like no woodpile to me!"

It looks great in the vid, too bad about the clear coat.

But I think you're right, sometimes there's no other choice but to strip it back down to bare and start again... something I did to my proton pack like three times.

By the way, folks, ramcuda also pointed me to an Egon-style hardhat on eBay the other day, which I won for $1.99. Thanks!

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By Donkey8012
Are you adding the weathering because you're going for the look of the hard hat in the glass case or because you think it looked like that in the movie?
By Alex Newborn
I had never noticed it until looking things over in this thread, but by the time they shot the tunnel scene (which was an added reshoot later in production), Aykroyd's helmet did already have some scuffing that revealed the white plastic underneath the yellow paint.


Not as pronounced as what we see on the stickered hardhat on display, but it had begun.

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By Donkey8012
Good eye Alex. I had never noticed that either. You're right though, it was nowhere near the condition shown in the case.
By Alex Newborn
The above pic was captured on YouTube. I put in the DVD and made this collage.


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By ramcuda
well I off the board for 10 Minuets ! and look everyone jump on the thread !!!!!

Thanks guy for finding our little thread ....

Alex ... great score on the hard hat ... i was going to bid it to ... but i need to finish mine first ...

Nick and zack....

Nick BTY super work on the " NERF TRAP "
By ramcuda
ok tomorrow i get to try again with the weathering .... this time i have 2 chances to get it right ...LOL

By Alex Newborn
Sweet! You can make an Egon hardhat as well as a Ray one.

I myself just nabbed a head-lantern off Etsy the other day. Still no hardhat of this style yet, but I'm looking.

And I'd still love to find one like Venkman wears in the street scene.

By ramcuda
what head lamp did you get ?
By ramcuda
ya you got the right one is what i have found about justright ... headlamps are the same from the 1930 all the way up tell they stop making them.. the only change was the battery boxes .... the down side i can not find and replacement parts.. just bulbs ...
By ramcuda
Ok ... wow done ... not happy how it came out but Done none the less

First the weathered one

Now my untouched one...

More picks can be seen here ... GB%20props

Ok so here is all the base part info
the hardhat is a Eastern Safety Equipment Tuf-E Hard Hat

The headlamp is made by

of course all these can be found on e-bag.....

I know i have been getting a lot of PMs asking me for the info...
So there it is ... what a fun project ... any Q just post them ...
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By Alex Newborn
They both look great, but I think the unweathered one is my preference.

Questions: What brand of paint did you use the second time around?

How difficult is it to adapt the headlamp to accept the screws?

What kind of screws did you use? (I should consult the pics of the actual prop, I guess.)

By ramcuda
Hay Alex

if you look at the bracket from the back the big hole in the center of the bracket .. you need to drill that open a bit .. enough to pass the wire threw .... dont for get to drill the same size hole in the front of the hardhat .. ( see pick on photobucket )

the tabs on the bracket where the head strap hooks... the little stud it catches on to ... get wire dikes and snip off the post. now do the same to the other side...

Now drill out the holes left in the tabs to fit a size #8 wood screw ....

dewire the wires from the battery box ... pass the wire threw the hole in the back of the bracket and then threw the the hole in the hard hat ... then wood screw the head lamp to the hard hat...

I take the wire and run it over the top of the hard hat liner and drop it out the back ....

The paint it Krylon yellow ... LET IT DRY FOR THE 7 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!
I know the Krylon said no sanding needed and this is true for most things ....
By Alex Newborn
I just noticed that Egon's headlamp wire goes in at a higher spot. Looks like they ran the wire, then masked off the headlamp when they painted the hardhat yellow, because the wire is yellow here but it's black as it comes out of the back.


By ramcuda
Great find!!! Now I need to redrill and touch up ....

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