This is for other Ghostbusters Props that don't fit into the categories above.
By Neil Bowden
Looks like a Casio A159 in the second image, ... g_1897.jpg
whilst the first looks like a Casio F-81W ... 820_tp.jpg
Hope that helps (i collect old Casio's) :D
By Alex Newborn
I put the images side by side to check the details out. These look really close, but I don't know if we're quite there yet.



By mr0072003
the second pics i think is not right. I had that watch too. The black lines on the top and bottom are not there. I hope we get this, as I want to have a similar watch!
By Neil Bowden
I'll double check through my collection and online, and get back to you guys.
By Neil Bowden
i think i found the Variant on the first is definitely a Casio F-91W...but it is part of the colour series. this watch was available in many different colours of both strap and banding, so to be movie accurate, you'd need the F-91W with Black strap and White detail banding.i think you are right, mr0072003...the black banding on the strap looks like a reflection, which makes the watch look like the Casio AX-510
By Neil Bowden
OK ...OK...i was majorley WRONG on the first one...after some extensive research and a lot of comparison...i have the first watch that Ray is the Casio F-11 Image

now comes the hard part...locating one... :blush:
This will be interesting to watch and see what you guys can dig up. I'll keep my eyes peeled at flea markets and ebay for the time being for anything that may resemble this sort of watch.

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