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Would anyone happen to know the precise colour (CMYK or RBG or HTML-code) and size - inches or cm; I don't mind either - of the wall bricks on the first (i.e. ground) floor of GBHQ (the green and white bricks) and also at what height they change from green to white?

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The main thing you'll want to research is Los Angeles Engine No. 23 Truck Co., though sometimes folks just call it "LA23" for short. This is distinct from Hook & Ladder 8 in New York City, which was only used for exteriors.

LA23 was also used in other films like The Mask and Big Trouble in Little China, in TV shows like Knight Rider and A-Team, in music videos, and yes... even in adult films. Here's a really well-made look into its history as a filming location, from Spook Central. ... ehouse.htm

For more modern photography, this is a great thread from 2010 detailing a visit made by several fans from Denver.


Now, I could be wrong, but I don't think they're bricks. They look more like tiles.

Here's a neat gallery of "glazed green tile" that I found. The poster says that many of them come from Victorian era pubs in London. ... 246160801/

I particularly like this one.


I don't know the dimensions of the tiles at LA23 hopefully someone can chime in with that info, since a lot of the folks who make these pilgrimages love to take their rulers with them!

But here's a handy pic by boomerjinks that shows us the pattern from the floor up.


So there's a 'baseboard' of a different material. Then the green tiles begin. 21 layers' worth.

The first white stripe actually appears to be some sort of moulding. If it were lower down, I'd call it a chair rail. Not sure the proper term.

Note that the next green stripe is shorter than the previous tiles. Looks to be about 2/3rd their height.

This is topped by a white stripe of flat tiles of a comparable height. Then another green. Two more white. A green. A white. A green. And then another white stripe that's the dimensional moulding style again.

Then you've got some sort of electrical wiring/conduit. And then taller white tiles, all the way to the ceiling. Can't determine how many from this angle, but... a LOT.

I tried using this pic to count the white tiles from the electrical conduit to the ceiling.


I came up with 43, but it gets pretty hard to tell above the first 30.

Hope this gives you some starting points. Please share what else you uncover!

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The sections of tiles with moulding (there's a layer above and below the mixed white/green section) could be described as picture rails due to their height, although I doubt that's what they were intended for.

I think somewhere I've got a shot of the tile with some sort of ruler or set square next to it, but I need to double check that.
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Wow - that's a lot of info already - I had indeed expected some ruler-happy people to have already measured this, but then again, I guess they simply missed my post :-) Thanks for the input thus far though. Very useful already. Still interested in specific measurements, obviously, should anyone have those...

I need to check my photos, as I'm sure I have a photo somewhere of a ruler against the tilework.

However the problem has been that prior to the station being fully boarded up, it was basically squatted in by a guy who was difficult to get in touch with, so opportunities to visit it and document it were pretty limited. The majority of the reference material that's available is from the assortment of film productions that'd used it since the 1960s.
Would it fair to assume that the lockers in the picture above are about 2 metres in height? Whaddya guys think? (at least, that would give me some frame of reference to come up with a dimension for the tiles).
Cornelius wrote:Would it fair to assume that the lockers in the picture above are about 2 metres in height? Whaddya guys think? (at least, that would give me some frame of reference to come up with a dimension for the tiles).
If I was to guess, I would say they are between 2.2 and 2.5 metres in height (7 and a half to 8 feet). But thats a guess based on the height of the car.


Actually, it looks like they are the original lockers.

Dan is 1.85 m, you can extrapolate the height of the lockers from this image: (I'm on an ipad at the moment so I can't.)

Another way is to say there are 9 stair steps of height until the green tiles border the white. Standard stair heights are around 20cm. So that gives 180cm (consistent with Dan's height).

I count 23 layers of tiles in that 180cm, which would roughly give a tile height of 7.8 cm (which is a wild guess but surprisingly close to the standard height of bricks (7.6 cm) :) )

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