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By WindDrake
With the wife getting into the Ghostbuster gig with me, I needed another Lifegard, and can't find any at the moment. A little yellow PLA and Jason407 (Thingiverse)'s excellent Lifegard II model - and we're in business!

Did up a few of these, wanted to see how vertical orientation printed vs. horizontal. Forgot to take post-print pictures, these are after a fast sand/paint/weather/clearcoat.



Vertical orientation definitely prints nicer. That one will be going to the wife, the other will be given to a less fortunate Ghostbuster at C2E2, likely.

The backplate is a remix I designed to use a #620 clip from instead of a printed-on clip, as they break. I also put in all the holes for mounting up, so you can use the backplate as a drill guide.

Original Lifegard II Model by Jason407.
Metal Clip Backplate by WindDrake
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By smithincanton
Very cool build! The Lifegard is the next thing I've been thinking about starting. I was looking at belt clips and thinking about buying some cheap tape measure for its' clip but I REALLY like that clip you used! Thanks for remixed back plate and link to the clip.

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