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By Mercifull
I've been working on this animated "painting" of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II as a window display for an event in February (Window Wanderland).

There’s no audio as no one will be able to hear it from outside (There is placeholder audio for YouTube purposes, but you can keep it on mute).

The cardboard frame was something I experimented with but I'm going to get some door architrave and paint it antique gold instead.

Thoughts and comments welcomed.

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By timeware
That's awesome. I was wondering if someone was ever going to do a Vigo projection like the slimer one that's available. Vigo's missing his kitten!
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By Mercifull
I've discovered this morning an app for iPhone called Mug Life. It allows you to generate realistic facial animations from static images. It wasn't free but I'm going to experiment to see if I can make some better winks and eyebrow raisings. Maybe even an angry face when he's being destroyed?... we'll see. An updated video will be posted later today if all goes well.
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By Mercifull
A test "screening" of this painting upright and in the window with lights dimmed (replicating conditions it will be used in) has highlighted a potential issue with viewing angle. The TV screen from LG that I'm using has quite a poor viewing angle in portrait mode and the clip of the floating head of Vigo doesn't show very well. I may remove this from the video entirely in order to avoid ruining the illusion of the painting coming to life.

The flat screen TV I'm using is 10 years old and if I had a better screen it might have been ok. But I have to use what materials I have and so it will have to do.
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By DarkSpectre
Dude, this rocks so hard. Great job! I recently bought one of those Christmas projectors on clearance and have been wanting to incorporate it into our table setups. Since I'm an editor I may take the ghost clips from the films and use that
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By Mercifull
I tried a few techniques on the "frame" and eventually went for yellow primer with an antique gold rub n'buff wax finish using all-purpose filler on the corners and joins to fill the gaps. It still needs a bit more wax in a few places but I'm pretty happy. It looks like an actual antique frame now and not door architrave :cool:

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By kahuna900
SirDaz wrote: October 24th, 2019, 11:24 pm Any chance I can download a copy for my Halloween projection? I came across the version with a Watermark on YouTube

OMG YES!!! I need this!!! :)
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