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By Alex Newborn
First of all, if you haven't ever read it, go right now to the SUPER-INFORMATIVE and HELPFUL thread by Ryan the Ghostbuster, which was invaluable in this project. ... g#p4859481

And now, here's the full saga of my attempts to convert a later-model Sniffer into something approaching screen accuracy.

The tale begins in June. I received a box of items that had previously belonged to an Oklahoma GB named Patrick Hurd.

Jump to the 5:33 mark if you just want to see the Sniffer portion.

I bought a lot of parts for it at first that for various reasons got upgraded with better parts later.

In this video, I talk about a very humbling moment when someone with whom I'd gotten a bit snippy found me an actual old-stock Bacharach aspirator bulb...

This video talks about other projects/acquisitions I had going on simultaneously, but is noteworthy because my metal labels finally arrived for the Sniffer.

I landed *another* real Bacharach component in this installment.

There's a funny quote in this one by Charles Fincher of Fincher Technologies, from when I made the probe section.

And this is the current state of the project.

Big thanks to all the folks that helped out (most of whom are mentioned by name in the last video).

I never thought I'd have one of these, let alone have one with anywhere near this many legitimate parts.

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