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By WindDrake
So, finally got my hands on a Micronta 3001 the other day. It even works!

Problem is, I can find the strainer, but not the potato masher.

Anyone have a line on one of those things? You'd think a simple stamped masher would be super easy to find..
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By robandliv
Good luck, it took me months to find the potato masher. I found mine on ebay for $25. I was looking on Mercari app this morning and there is a Plastic one for sale for $15.
By Weideman
I had the same issue when I was building mine. I had to hunt for a potato masher for a while there. I checked every store I could think of (Walmart, Target, Goodwill, Home Goods, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon and a bunch more). I ended up finding one at a Tuesday Morning that looked close enough and used that.

I think someone posted a link to one on Amazon UK but can't find it now and can't remember if it shipped to the states (assuming you are in the US).

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