This is for other Ghostbusters Props that don't fit into the categories above.
By Silvertek
I feel like there is a distinct lack of 3D printed GB props. I'd love to see a dedicated 3D printing forum on the site.

Given I'm on lockdown and suddenly find myself with a large amount of free time, abritinthebay suggested the MT500 would be a good starting point. I don't disagree, so I started playing around this afternoon. There's a few files I found online, some more accurate than others, but none that I felt we're useful for adding electronics, or easy assembly, or lacked accuracy.

Here's this afternoon's progress after taking some measurements. The plan is to make it as accurate as possible, with a few leeways taken in order to make the files easily printable.


Let me know your thoughts, and if there's interest in this or other props.
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By NotSabbat
Looks like your to a great start, but there is a fairly good MT500 model out there, though there are a few incorrect details:

Granted, I would be ALL about someone making a better one. I have an MT500 if you need measurements of anything.

There is a NOTED lack of accurate PKE meters from the movie out there, however.
By Silvertek
I looked at that one. It’s got a lot of great detail, but there’s a few incorrect things on it. The part I particularly didn’t like was how it’s sliced. You’d have to print out 3 solid rectangles and glue them together. I think you’d lose a lot of the side detail unless you printed vertically, which would be an odd choice.

Ideally it should assemble without, or with minimal glue, and leave room for electronics if one wished to add them.

But again, more the merrier! If people can post accurate measurements of props, I’d love to see a repository of printable files.
By lifelongfan
I love the idea of 3D printed Ghostbusters props, especially for the truly hard to find stuff. As far as the MT500 goes, Spirit Halloween did a great job... their walkie talkie really, really close. I repainted my Spirit walkie in a black/gray textured finish with some minor paint detailing, and added decals from Moby sign company (Etsy). 99% of people would never be able to tell the difference between mine and a real MT500 from a few feet. I wish I knew how to upload photos...
By Silvertek
I didn’t know Spirit Halloween did a walkie until a few weeks ago. I had purchased the rest of their stuff. I’d love to see your paint job, if you can post it.

Does the spirit version come with a holster?

Either way, it’s an excuse for me to get better with fusion 360 while I’ve got nothing else to do. I’ve found the complex curves on the MT500 are proving difficult, but I’ve got version 3 of the front plate printing right now. I’ll update when I’ve got something to show.
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By Cole Funstuff
I think it's good for us to model as many of these items as possible due to their age and rarity. Who knows if Spirit is still offering theirs 5 years from now? I'm working to model the Ecto Goggles, PKE meter, and a couple other items that I'd like to provide the community should they become more difficult to find.

This model would be a great addition and the work you've done looks amazing!
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By cristovalc
This is looking great! Good work. I said I would swear off using 3D printing for any more pieces after my Ecto Goggles were done, mainly because my hands have been made raw from all the sanding, but I may just go back on that once you complete this. :)
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By Silvertek
Yea... sanding sucks... but it just goes with the 3D printing process unfortunately.

Here's the latest front plate. I need to make a few more tweaks. These complex curves are kicking my ass, but side by side it's damn close to the original. If you didn't put it next to it you'd never tell. The front slight slope will need some putty and sanding but I don't see a way around that unfortunately. It's not too bad when printing at .12 layer height.



Need to update the side panels, and then figure out the best way of attaching the back plate and middle sections.
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