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By Macktacular
After having made some inquiries years ago, one of the members of our local volunteer fire dept. gave me some of their old PASS alarms that they were just going to throw out. I had been hoping that there was some slim chance that they had a LifeGard kicking around but I knew the chances were slim. But I think I got something pretty neat.


There are 4 of them in total, 3 Super Pass 2's and one DragonFly. One of the neat things about the yellow ones is that they have LEDs inside already, so in theory they could be modded to just flash their lights without progressing to the alarm phase. You can see them in action in this video @ 4:18.

The clip is also super strong as well, which makes sense for something meant to be worn by firefighters and other people working in dangerous environments.


I'm not technical enough to try to mod the insides so I just removed the battery. Also it's so robustly made I think actually cracking it open to get at the inner workings would be difficult.


What do you think, do you reckon my local franchise might want 'em if I offered them as a gift next time a convention rolls around, or should I not even bother contacting them? I know they're not screen accurate, but given their purpose I think they'd be a welcome addition to a few costumes.

*edit* And here's a video of the DragonFly in action. Honestly, the sounds and lights are really good on that, I kinda love it.
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